Jupiter In Taurus

Love of home and luxury. Able to attract substance and material benefits. Materialistic. Sensuality strong. Fond of good food and has a keen appetite. Ability to make money, and it is important to Jupiter in Taurus to have it Quietly stubborn and cannot be pushed. Inclined to put on weight In middle years.


Not a good place for Jupiter. The expansiveness and judgment of Jupiter is scattered by the dispersiveness and inability to concentrate of Gemini. Does not attract the abundance of Jupiter for self-centeredness shuts off the flow. Rash speech can cause difficulties if Jupiter is afflicted. Un-afflicted can give a happy carefree disposition. Fond of travel. Does well In the travel business or any occupation that involves selling, communication of ideas or teaching.


Jupiter Is well placed in Cancer for it expands the nurturing, caring principle of Cancer. Gives a good personality that attracts benefits because of its nature. Personality friendly and sociable. Works well with public. Can have weight problems. Does not reach its full potential until middle age. Material success promised. Good position for accumulation of funds and properties. If afflicted, person can be overcautious about money and very stingy in his givingness.

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