Jupiter In Scorpio

Shrewd and critical judgments. Subtle type. Very devious if afflicted. If Mars is afflicted to Jupiter it gives trouble with senses and the passions. Strength and courage strong. Very secretive. If individual is evolved it gives healing power and a magnetic quality that draws success in the outer world. Good for police work, engineering, chemistry or medicine.


Carefree, outgoing, optimistic type of individual. Outdoor type, fond of sports and willing to take a chance on anything. Natural financiers. Often money through inheritance. Women good executives. The more highly evolved are interested in metaphysics, religious philosophy and humanitarian pursuits. A great love of freedom and travel.


Here is the conscientious plodder who is concerned with factual mat* ters and getting ahead in the world. Jupiter's expansiveness is often held down by Saturn's cautiousness. Necessary to learn glving-outness for there is a tendency to be miserly with the expression of loving feelings, as well as with money and material possessions. Too cautious for their own good. If Jupiter is afflicted a change in consciousness will be necessary before there will be abundance in the world of appearance.

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