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In this book we are sharing with you only the beginning glimmerings of what the planet Pluto represents.* All astrologers and students have the responsibility to do much more research before there can be more definite rules about its innermost meaning. Pluto, the most invisible of all planetB, represents the energy in us which is unknown on the surface but which works ceaselessly in the depths of our being. It rules the underworld in us as well as the highest part of us. In its lowest aspect it can be working silently and unknown under the surface and then erupt with violence. Thus it can be compared to an earthquake or a volcano. There may be rumblings that pass unheeded and then comes the eruption. Long before the outer event is manifested the energy was stirring in the hidden depths. It is strange but the highest aspect of Pluto (Minerva) works in a different fashion. It changes the individual from within and comes imperceptibly like the dawn of a new day. ft changes the individual so he is never again in the same state of consciousness. Purged of the dross he is refined and regenerated.

For some people Pluto remains apparently a non-fiinctioning influence. Because they are sleeping souls neither their heights nor depths have been stirred. This is one reason for the lethargy and apathy seen in so many humans on earth today. Only those matters which concern them personally are of meaning or consequence to them. If you consider Pluto as important in the horoscope of those who are young souls you will not interpret the natal chart correctly. These young souls know nothing of the potential of their heights and depths and so they slumber on.

Pluto's transit through the signs is too long to be meaningful in a personal way. It affects the collective unconscious of a generation as it transits a sign. By house position and aspects to the other planets it affects the individual. Pluto by house position can be extremely important to the individual. The house in which Pluto is placed indicates the area where a purging must take place One wonders if the person who named the laxative "Pluto Water" knew something about the planetary energy we call Pluto! Its little red devil as a trademark is a symbol of the Martian force expressed in a cleansing and purging way. Interesting, isn't it? Until Pluto's undercover work is done, and the dark side of ourselves is known and understood, we will not be able to know its true effect

*When Astrology: a Cosmic Science originally was published in X97Q, Isabel Hickey felt that further understanding was needed of Pluto's deeper meaning«. After she had gathered more research on Pluto, in 1S73 «he published Pluto or Minerva: the Choice is Yours, which is now incorporated into this edition of Astrology: a Cosmic Science.

Pluto roles Scorpio. Minerva, goddess of wisdom, rules the highest aapect of Pluto. Every growth begins in the darkness and grows toward the light. Before (he higher aspect can be reached, the personality has to be dissolved in the universal solvent Sacrifice is the secret of Neptune. The cross is piercing the Moon, the personality. In the Minerva aspect of Pluto, the symbol is the cross below the chalice ( 9) and the symbol of the Sun (O), the eternal spirit, has risen above the cross where it is cradled by the Moon. It is our belief that there is a strong connection between Neptune and Pluto. Pluto's exaltation will be found to be in the sign of Pisces. The highest aspect of Pluto can be realized when the personality has been dissolved in the universal solvent of Pisces.

Study the following two charts of the houses that relate to Pluto and Minerva. Note that the evolved signs are on the night Bide of the chart with Scorpio on the ascendant For the higher side of Pluto Pisces is on the ascendant The evolved signs are on the day side of the chart. There is food for thought here.

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