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The zodiac has 360 degrees in the circle, each sign having SO degrees. The number of degrees in a sign never changes, but you can have a lesser or greater number of degrees in a house due to the angle of the rays at the time of birth. This can be confusing to a new student when he is dealing with orbs of aspects. They must be counted by signs, never by houses. When you do not have the time of day for a birthchart you will use the natural zodiac. This gives an understanding of character and shows the cycles that are operating, but it will not show the circumstances through which the energies will operate. You will need the time of day and place of birth for this information.

The natural zodiac has Aries on the first house, Taurus on the second and the other signs are shown on the other houses in succession. In the time chart any one of the 12 signs can be on the first house (Ascendant) but there will always be a hidden influence of Aries operating, as it is the underlying keynote of the first house. This will also be true for the other houses. The natural sign and ruler will be the underlying vibration.

Ariel 12

Ariel 12

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