Capricorn Through The Houses

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If Capricorn is on the ascendant, then Aries — where the self projects itself into life — starts in the fourth house. The fourth house in the horoscope represents the roots of the being, what we have inherited from the family tree, as well as what we have inherited as souls from a past the outer self does not remember. It is the midnight side of the blueprint. "Midnight," in a psychological sense, means the deepest part of our nature. Does not this help to explain the deep reserve and seriousness of the one born with a Capricorn ascendant? He is not a surface person, and it takes time (Saturn) to get to know him. Life is not easy for him, and it is difficult for him to approach life in an easygoing and free-flowing manner.


Capricorn starts from the foundation of his being, and his ability to entrench and establish himself strongly in matter (earth — material living) iB vital to him. A home is very important to him, even though he may not be in it much of the time. Ambitious and a strong drive for material security are strong and keep him from enjoying his home as much as he would like. In a way, perhaps, it is well. With Mars, ruler of Aries, lord of this house, there could be strife and argument in the home that would keep him from enjoying it. If Mars is afflicted, there would be a tendency toward irritation and impatience in this individual that would bring difficulties in the home life. There would be a tendency to force issues and demand too much from those in his domestic surroundings. He wants to "rule the roost," but the position and es-pects of Mars are going to show whether his leadership is constructive or destructive. People with Capricorn ascendants are successful in real estate or in construction or building. With Aries on this house, there Is a Btrong link with the mother; her influence is very great in the life.


Caprictm has very fixed and strong ideas and feelings about his children, whether they are physical children or children of his mind and emotions. His children can be great blessings to him if they recognize that "they come through you but not from you; they live in the tomorrows you cannot visit even in your dreams." This is the house of creative expression the self expressing itself through love and pleasure. The Capricorn ascendant has the ability to express charm, and if Venus is well placed in the horoscope, there is a loving nature and a steady and stabilized love life. But if Venus is poorly placed and afflicted, the tendency to love self first is very strong. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, rules the coiled-up serpent power in the base of the spine. If this power is used for self-satisfaction, then lust — not love — holds sway. Heart trouble

— psychologically as well as physically — will be the result of the wrong use of this energy. Energy is God-given «id to be used in a constructive way; if we misuse it, then we suffer in order to learn the right use of the energy that has been given us.


The sixth house deals with work and service as well as health. Gemini, sign of the conscious mind, helps to «(plain why the work those with a Capricorn ascendant does Is so vitally important to him. Work comes first with him. He has a strong desire to excel in whatever his occupation may be. Because he puts so much effort into it, he does not stay long in the lower brackets for income and position are important In the process of achievement, he can overdo and his nervous system suffers. When the nerves are ragged, the disposition suffers; he becomes irritable and the people around him find him difficult. There is a direct relationship between thinking and the nervous system. An upset nervous system means the person in the body is giving the body a hard time. When we lose mastery over our thinking, our nerves (the telephone wires to the brain) are transmitting the wrong signals — and there is tension. With Gemini on this house, there is a need to learn the art of relaxation

— not the sullen, morose quiet of the negative Capricorn, but the quiet vibrancy of a system hooked to a higher powerhouse will keep the Capricorn healthy as well as wise.


The seventh house describes the kind of mate one attracts. With Cancer on this house, the mate would be home-loving and a good provider, if the Moon is unafflicted. This native would be in need of constant reassurance of his importance and worth, for there is a great emotional insecurity in Cancer. A man with Cancer on this cusp is constantly looking for a mother rather than a mate Some women are willing to play the mother role, but some are not. It will be important to the person with a Capricorn ascendant to pick a mate who fits his needs. A woman with Capricorn on her first house is apt to pick a receptive, passive mate who will lean and not lead. He would not be too energetic and because of her strong ambition, this could create problems. Whether man or woman, Cancer is strong for the tie that binds, so they must pick a mate who wUl respect their sense of freedom and not try to smother the individual with too much attention. The placement of the Moon by sign and aspects will show what to expect from any marriage or union.


This is the house of reorientation and regeneration. There is a need to reorient his pride, for it is overdeveloped. The ego needs shrinking. Emotions are strong and the drive for significance (Sun) can be over* emphasized by the wrong kind of pride. The virtue hidden in pride Is self-respect This is our divine birthright Let nothing take it from you. Wherever the Sun rules in a horoscope, the problem is one of sharing and shining. If there is too much desire to claim all the limelight others are offended and will not cooperate; too little drive and they are passed by and frustration and resentment fill the magnetic field. So it is a matter of proportion and balance. Everyone—even marriage partners—are entitled to their place in the sun. On the physical level, there is a need to guard against over exertion and heart strain. This is especially true if the Sun is afflicted to Saturn in the horoscope. The eighth house is the natural house of Scorpio and is spoken of as the house that rules sex. The fifth house is the expression of sex (love affairs), but the eighth zone is what our inner attitudes are toward sex. There is a difference. With Leo on this house, in the sex experience, it must be a sharing, not a taking. Then there can be harmony in the union.


With the practical, analytical, earthy Virgo on the house of religion and the superconscious mind, it is not difficult to see that the Capricorn attitude would be skeptical where religious matters are concerned. If it can be proven to him that religion works in the world of material values, he will accept it Virgo, an earth sign, on the ninth house gives a practical approach that is strongly centered hi the "here and now". Far-away fields do not look greener to him. He makes an excellent teacher and a pro* feasor, for he is good in detailed work and conscientious in all that he does. There is a great deal of discrimination that will veer too much on the over-critical side if Mercury is afflicted. A person with a Capricorn ascendant may do a great deal of traveling, but it will be in connection with his work. In this trait he is unlike Sagittarius, who travels for the sheer joy of traveling, of being on the mow, seeing new places, and meeting new people. This is the house of understanding, and understanding comes not from the mind but from the heart. To learn by loving to get by giving, to be willing to find the values hidden in the soul, not the personality: these are the lessons the one with Capricorn on the ascendant needs to learn before the real beauty in his character comes forth.


The tenth house is the most important in the chart from the material point of view, as the ninth house is the most important from the spiritual side of life. The tenth shows the career, reputation, and social standing in the world. With Libra ruling Saturn's own house, there is a strong sense of justice and the willingness to work and work hard to see that justice is done in any cause he sponsors. Libra makes the good lawyer or judge, for libra has to do with legislature and the law. Libra on this house give* diplomacy and tact in dealing with the public. Often he is far more tactful in dealing with the public than be is in his own family circle. Many times their families listen in puzzlement to the praises the Capri-cornian receives from the world at large. Venus' sign in Saturn's house is often loving for the sake of expediency. This is not true of the more evolved individual Students often ask the Question, "How can one tell the evolvement of an individual in the chart?" Character is shown by the signs in which the planets are placed. Planets in their sign of exaltation and in the signs they rule are indications of an evolved consciousness. Also, the higher-octave planets — Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter — in the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house show that the individual has had much soul experience in other lifetimes.


This is the house of friendships, goals, and objectives. Scorpio Is not too happy a sign to be at home in the impersonal and brotherly house of Aquarius. In Scorpio, there is great emotional intensity and a strong possessive .desire to hold friendships closely. He is apt to be rather demanding. A Capricorn ascendant is not gregarious and outgoing unless he has an angular Jupiter. He is the true isolationist of the zodiac. The lesson here is tolerance, not sitting in judgment on others or expecting perfection from ordinary mortals. Each individual does the best he knows (with his realization, not his intellect); and when he knows more, he will do more. There may not seem to be a relationship between goals and objectives and friendships. But there is. No man is an isl&nd. If he would be successful, friendliness and cooperation will pave the way and make it easier to arrive at his goal.


Capricorn's understanding — or lack of it — stems from the twelfth house. This is the house of self-undoing or subjective sustainment; which it is, depends on his vision and understanding. Because of the austerity and seeming coldness of Capricorn, this native does not attract the happier things of life without a good amount of hard work. But he could. A Capricorn ascendant is the "do-it-yourself" type of person for it is hard for him to understand there is another way. Locked up in the storehouse of their personality (twelfth house) is a secret for the Capricorn ascendant An optimistic faith in life, a willingness to realize the power that comes through letting go and letting the higher power work, a relaxing in the flow of life, herein lies the answer. If he uses the tolerance, kindness, philosophy, and broad outlook of the Sagittarian Jupiter, life will be much easier. The nature of Saturn in the world of appearance is to be concerned with materia] matters. Jupiter's rulership here can lift the load and set Capricorn free. In the depths of himself lies lifting power.


With Capricorn here, than is delicate health In the early life; but the strength and endurance of Saturn helps to throw off any weaknesses as the years go by, and he usually lives to an advanced age. Capricorn is the hardest worker in the zodiac. This is partly due to his strong ambitions to succeed in the material world. Like the mountain goat, he wants to climb to the top. He usually does. In the process, so many of the joys along the way may go unrecognized and lost. There is a compelling need in the Capricorn ascendant to achieve in tangible terms. He has dignity, persistence, patience, and great fortitude; these are the qualities that make for success. Capricorn should watch the tendency to be» crane too limited and too disciplined. If Saturn, ruler of this house is afflicted, there can be arrogance and false pride. This can harm and not help in his progress. In the physical body, Capricorn rules the knees. The symbol of humility and the power to bend is the inner meaning of this part of the body. Any trouble with the knees is an outer manifestation of an unbending and rigid wilL Our bodies are the outer reflection of our inner states of being. If this ascendant will use his strength and power to serve others, there is no greater server in the zodiac. He has patience, persistence and purpose; when these are used for others, he is truly * magnificent soul.


Finances are often attained through work with large organisations or corporations. Intuitions are strong where financial advantages are concerned. There is great creativity in this individual that enhances his money-making abilities. To the indibidual with Aquarius on this house, money is important as a means of power. If Uranus is stronger than Saturn in the chart, plans for a sustained and steady income can be upset This is the person who may work on commission and have a fluctuating In* come. Capricorn is often found in managerial fields that have to do with sales. As life advances, he accumulates money, for he is not a free spender. At times, he can veer to the stingy side. The negative aspect of Saturn is fear. Behind all lack of giving is fear. He is concerned about saving money for his later years. This can be carried too far. As one wit said, "There are no pockets in a casket." Another soul said: "What is fear of need but fear itself?" The underlying keynote of the second house is the Taurean sign; and Capricorn can do very well in real estate, construction and banking.


With Pisces here, there are clever and original ideas that can pay off in the coin of this world. There is imagination and insight with Neptune ruler of this house. This is excellent for the creative writer, for this house rules the intellect and the power to communicate. It's hard to stick to what is fact so there can be emotional fog if Neptune is afflicted, especially to Mercury. In the everyday environment, there is need to learn to organize and concentrate. It Is best to have papers and documents carefully scrutinized before signing. Always read the fine print if Neptune is in charge of third house affairs. Sorrow and sacrifice where brothers and sisters are concerned are part of his destiny if Neptune rules this house. Accept them gracefully and know them to be a debt owed that must be paid. There is a strongly psychic side to the individual with Pisces on this house. This can be a great help if used wisely. Hind and feeling meet in this house, and there are no limits to what the Capricornian can attain if the balance of mind and emotions is maintained.

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