Aspects To Ubanus

Uranus Conjunct Pluto U i ^

Uranus-Pluto aspects are aspects of a generation. Due to the slow movements of the planets involved many souls are born with these two planets in the same relationship. Only if the configuration occurs on an angle of the horoscope and/or is strongly configurated with the Sun, Moon and Mercury can it be delineated in a personal way. Change is the keyword for tins conjunction. It can only occur once in a century. The last meeting was in Virgo in 1965. In Virgo, Mercury's home, we can expect the individual bom with this aspect to use his great creative energy to bring in new methods of healing, breakthroughs in the fields of science and religion, as well as deep concern for food and its relationship to the physical body. When used rightly this aspect can help move mankind forward on its evolutionary path. An insatiable desire to change the outdated social structures of his time is the cause of the seeming restlessness of this individual As these changes can be radical, these people are considered revolutionary. Many times they are.

Uranus Square Pluto V D^

This aspect last occurred in the cardinal signs. Uranus was in Aries and Pluto in Cancer. Individuals born with it (1930-1935) have seen the world in a time of great crises. Wars, revolutions, and economic catastrophes have greatly influenced their lifestyles. Women born with this aspect represented the seeming subservient role allotted to them by previous generations and fought for their own individuality. Mrs. John Doe wanted to be considered a person in her own right. She found that only through financial independence could Jane Doe emerge successfully. Yet, these are the same parents who feil to come to terms with the free Bpirit of their children (many of whom were born with the sextile of Uranus and Pluto). Trying to strike a happy medium between family tradition, responsibility and personal freedom, left many with nervous disorders. They were rebellious by nature and independence was sought.

Uranus Sextile or Trine Pluto gitorA?

These individuals are gifted with great insight regarding the merger of past and present principles to bring about a better future. The intuition is highly developed and is us&d to create a better understanding among all peoples. The brotherhood principle is both understood and respected. Love becomes universal linking all men together in common causes. Great success can be the result when these people organize to solve what originally may have seemed to lie a hopeless problem of great immensity. The aspect favors scientific studies as well as ability in metaphysics. If the Sun is involved a certain amount of clairvoyance may be present.

Uranus Opposition Pluto $ g

This aspect was last in operation at the turn of the century. Uranus was in Sagittarius opposing Pluto in Gemini The mind signs (Gemini, the conscious mind and Sagittarius, the superconscious mind) were brought to attention. In this aspect the intellectual approach is emphasized, but it is coupled with a desire to perceive what is beyond the finite limits of the mind. With this aspect the individual is not a joiner by nature. When he would join a group or organization he found it hampering and was held back by the very images he helped to create. Working through the seventh (the opposition bong a 7th house aspect) it is not uncommon for a husband and wife to be directly opposite in their belief systems and approaches to life. In the spiritually oriented person this gives the opportunity to see and appreciate another's point of view. In the younger soul it can cause great turmoil with total dissatisfaction as the end result.

Christian Faith Healing

Christian Faith Healing

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