The Ascendant can be known only when the birthtime Is known. This is the horizon or Rising Sign at the moment of birth. Every two hours in the cycle of 24 hours one of the 12 signs of the zodiac is on the horizon, or Ascendant This is the "why" of the differences in nature and experiences of those born in one day. Everyone born on the same day may have the Sun in the same sign, even the Moon in the same sign, which will give certain basic characteristics, but the environment in which they will operate in the outer world will be very different if they are born at differing times of the day.

Planets in the eastern section of the chart — that is, from midnight to noon, are said to be rising. They have more power than planets in the western part of the chart where they are setting — that is, going from noon to midnight.

When many planets are on the eastern part of the chart the individual has more free will for he is in a sowing incarnation. He has more freedom of action. When most of the planets are in the western part of the chart he is in a reaping incarnation. Other people have much more to do with his destiny for his karma is very much bound up with others. He has much less free will.

All the planets above the horizon carry the individual upwards and elevate him from the sphere of his birth. If they are on the eastern side it will be in early life; in the center of the upper half the rise will be in middle age; if in the western side the rise will be through others.

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