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If Aquarius is on the ascendant, then Aries, where the soul projects itself into activity, is on the third house. Wherever Aries is placed in the horoscope is where the soul initiates activity on the outer level of expression. For Aquarius, the starting point is the third house. The third house in the blueprint represents the thinking equipment of the conscious mind as well as the ability to relate to others in the environment. Aquarius relates to others through reason and logic, seldom through emotions and feelings. This is a valuable clue to the Aquarian nature. One should * never appeal to his emotions but to his reason. The greatest gift of Astrology is understanding. All of us do not respond to life in the same way. Astrology tells us why.


The Aquarian ascendants get off to a flying start with Aries on the house ruling the conscious mind. No wonder Aquarius is predominantly intellectual. Aries rules the head, Aquarius is an air sign, and air signs are the intellectual signs of the zodiac. With Aries here, he is the mental pioneer, the forward-thinking heralding the new age. His mind is restless, fearless — always seeking new knowledge, new concepts, and new Ideas. Aries is cardinal fire and gives an independent and impulsive type of mind. If Mars, ruler of this house, is afflicted, there is a tendency to domination, arrogance, and egotism that must be overcome. Otherwise, he will not relate correctly to the people in his environment He can appear brilliant intellectually but prove to be superficial rather than deep in his thinking unless Saturn is strongly placed in the horoscope. Mars springs forth into action and leaps at any new ideu or concept; but without the sustaining power of a strong Saturn, there is apt to be lack of concentrative force. There are two types of Aquarians, and this n ust always be tal:en into account in doing an Aquarian's chart. Saturn md Uranus are co-rulers of Aquarius. We must pass the rulership of SPiurn before we have access to the true power of Uranus. Freedom without discipline can be license. If Saturn is more strongly placed titan Uranus in the chart, he will be Satumian in type and often appear wore like Capricorn than Aquarius. If Uranus is the stronger planet (in '.he first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house), he Is a true Aquarian. The Uranus-ruled Aquarius is a rebel with strong opinions and convictions; these are the individualists of the zodiac. He can be especially trying in his early years, for if he cannot dominate his environment he makes things difficult for everyone around him. With Aries on the third house, there is talent for writing, speaking, the power to project ideas through these mediums.


While Aquarius is not at all conservative in his thinking, he is extremely conservative in domestic surroundings. Home is very important to him. A passion for accumulation is strong, and it is difficult for him to let go any possessions, whether material or personal A comfortable and artistic home is important, because of the Venus rulership here. He is extremely economical and wants full for his purchases. The fourth house represents the basic values that are deeply ingrained in the roots of the being. This house also represents the final outcome of what we do with our values. This Is why it represents the latter part of life and the end of matters. What we are in the roots of cur being will come to the surface in later life. Wherever Taurus is placed Is where we can be locked up in matter. If materialism and money are all-important to this persdfc, there cannot be peace and serenity in later years. Security comes from a correct set of values. This house represents the mother, and often the mother is extremely possessive when Taurus is on this house.


This is not the type of parent who is basically emotional where his children are concerned. He enjoys them most when he is able to talk with them rather than when they are small children. He wants his children to be intetlictual, for he wants them to reflect his own Intelligence. In love affairs, he is not demonstrative or ardent He is so strongly mind-oriented that it is difficult for him to show his feelings. Where Mercury holds sway, Venus doesnt fare very well In fifth-house matters, this can cause problems in understanding. There can be dual love affairs, for the Aquarian ascendant can touch life lightly where love affairs are concerned. Gemini is the butterfly of the zodiac that flits from flower to flower — and from one experience to another. There is dexterity and cleverness in self-exprssion and an ability to pro jet the self in a free-flowing manner.


Aquarius is much more involved emotionally with his work and career than he Is where personal relationships are concerned. Because his feelings are so strong in connection with work and service; he can be very unhappy if not doing work he likes. Cancer rules the stomach as well as the feeling. There is a direct relationship where the digestion of experience and the digestion of food are concerned. If the Moon is afflicted there can be ulcers when there Is unhappinss in the work ana. The Moon, ruler of Cancer, rules mass consciousness, the public. He is happiest in work that benefits the public in some way. The Moon has rulership over the subconscious mind. In his work, he has intuitional feelings that are very helpful to him. He would not call it psychic. He is too intellectual to believe in such "nonsense." Nevertheless, he uses it in his work constantly. He has great material ambition, even though it is not obivous. His drive for material achievement comes from a feeling of inadequacy where the emotional side of life is concerned. He has a love for good food. When unhappy in his work, he can be a compulsive eater, which in turn, can lead to complications where well-being is concerned.


The strong individualism of this sign makes it difficult for the Aquarian ascendant to fit smoothly into partnership, marriage, and general cooperation. The strong desire for independence and to have control of every situation mitigates against compromises that are necessary where other people are involved. The kind of partner he attracts is equally individualistic in his own right and would not play the subordinate role very long. If the person with Leo on this house would be happy, there must be no attempt to make the marriage partner over. Accept him as he is. The sign on the seventh house is what we lack, the quality we need to build in. Leo on this house needs to build in the capacity to love from the heart. The Aquarius ascendant, with his crystal-clear mind, needs more heart understanding. He needs to have more active (e-motion) where the love consciousness is concerned. He often attracts a marriage partner who functions from the heart rather than the head. From the mate he expects complete devotion but is not always willing to give it.


Every sign has negative qualities as well as positive ones. The sign on the eighth house is always important, for it shows the negative qualities that need reorienting and redeeming. The tendency to be too critical and to pick things apart must go if Virgo here would reach the highest potentials. He needs to learn that universal brotherhood is not attained with the mind. Love and unity are the inner essence of cooperation that can bring synthesis, and love comes from the heart. Virgo is the power to tear down and break up. The power to discriminate and to analyze is necessary in areas of our livingness; but there are areas in which this power is detrimental. This explains why Venus is so poorly placed in Virgo. If Mercury, ruler of this house, is afflicted, then there is need for regeneration where the uses of the analytical mind are concerned. There will be difficulties in the sex life that will come from too critical a nature. This is the house of partners' money, and there will be a very practical approach in the use of it. Unless there are planets in water signs or an angular Neptune, there is little interest in psychic or occult matters.


There is an innate refinement in the nature of Aquarius that cornea from the artistic and esthetic Libra on the house of the super-conscious faculties. Anything of a rough or coarse nature repels. Libra always recognizes its obligation to good taste and appearance. It is only when Venus is badly afflicted that we find the lazy and careless who offend by an unattractive appearance. There is a strong need for balance between the inner world of the soul and the outer world of appearance; when this is obtained, Saturn no longer rules the Aquarian. Uranus becomes the ruler, and freedom of the spirit is assured. Legislation and law are attractive and Libra here often attracts the person to law as a profession. This house rules higher education. Aquarians make wonderful professors and teachers, especially along scientific lines.


With the Scorpio emotional intensity and determination in the house of career and reputation before the public, it is understandable that Aquarius is not satisfied until he has made his mark in the world. The power sign in the power house has all the drive necessary to succeed in the material world. The limelight is extremely Important His power will be felt in whatever he does. Mars, ruler of this house, its placement^ house and sign, will show the areas in which success can come. Because of Saturn's underlying influence in the tenth house, there must be effort and work directed toward achievement It will not come without effort In Saturn's domain nothing ever does. Saturn rewards those who work for what they want, People with Scorpio on this house are often found in government work or in research. Medical research would be of great interest Scorpio 011 the tenth house has a natural healing ability and makes an excellent doctor,


Jupiter's rulership La the house of friendships, goals, and objectives gives a friendliness and a pleasantness of manner that make the Aquarian ascendant well liked by his friends. The casual give and take of Aquarius makes no demands on friendships. The fire sign Sagittarius on this house makes the person direct and impersonal in his approach to life. He can show these qualities in friendships far easier than he can do so in the emotional life. He is able to achieve his goals and objectives, for he is willing to work and expend effort. He is a leader in humanitarian move* ments and will join others in organizational work, though he resents any encroachment on his personal life. He has loyal and devoted friends who play a big part in his advancement in life.


Saturn's keynote here is: "What shall it gain a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul?" The hidden drive for power must be sublimated into a sense of responsibility to all those in need when

Saturn rules the twelfth house of self-undoing or subjective sustainment There is inherent selfishness to be overcome if Saturn is afflicted. Dues will be paid through sickness and suffering If the tendency to live for self is not transmuted into service for others. Saturn is strict and undeviating justice; it is the lord of karma. Health must be guarded, for the tendency to crystallize and contract the self spells trouble for the physical body in time. Arthritis is a Saturn difficulty that starts in prejudiced, rigid, and intolerant attitudes of the mind. With Capricorn on this house, the flow of life is impeded by crystallized attitudes regarding the over-stressing of ego, prestige, and importance.


With Aquarius on the house of self-exteriorization, there is a friendly outglngness to the personality that is likeable and attractive to other people. He is positive in his approach to life and very confident in manner. There is a stubbornness not apparent on the surface. With an Aquarian ascendant this individual cannot be pushed into doing anything he does not want to do. The stubbornness of the proverbial mule will be mild compared to his quality of inflexibility. His friendliness hides this quality, but it is there and must be taken into account when dealing with him. If Uranus is strong by being in an angular house or close to the Sun, Moon, or Mercury, he will be a rebel. Any sort of constraint will be difficult for him to accept. Freedom is his battle cry. Unless this Is tempered by a good amount of Saturn's common sense, there will be difficulties that will be hard on the personality. Aquarius has a great deal to do with circulation — not only in the mind and emotions, but in the physical body as well. This ascendant needs physical exercise more than any other sign. Because of the drive for success, he does not spare his body and can take himself out of it via a heart attack. He needs to learn the art of relaxation. If he will balance his great capacity for work with equal time for relaxation and play, he can stay in the body and enjoy the fruits of his labor.


Aquarius finishes in the house that has to do with resources, values, and peace of mind. This is significant Where Aries is placed in the blue* print we start things; where Pisces is placed, we finish them. Just as Taurus shows where we are locked up in the world of matter, Pisces is where we can free ourselves from the call of the world and how we can go about it. Where Pisces and Neptune are involved, this must come through personality sacrifice and reunuciatkm of the separated self. The self must decrease that the soul may increase. On the outer level, Pisces on this house gives a strongly emotional tone to the feelings about possessions, whether material or personal It is hard for Aquarius to keep material affairs in order with Pisces here. If Neptune is afflicted, there can be deception where money is concerned. It Is important to scrutinize any contract or document before signing it if Neptune is afflicted. To learn to share, to learn to let go, to learn a true sense of values Is the lesson Pisces is trying to teach in the second house of values. The keyword for Neptune is "obligation," and if some part of this income is shared with those in need, the reason for Neptune's being called the "Cosmic Santa Claus" will be apparent.

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