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In Scorpio lies the battlefield between the threefold personality and the soul. This is the most critical of the signs, for here the battle rages between the two selves until there is a victory or defeat. In Scorpio, Mars rules the death of the personality and the birth of the soul, whereas in Aries, Mars represents the birth of the personal self. Scorpio deals with creativity, generation, degeneration, or transformation. It is the only sign that has three symbols: the scorpion, symbol of the unevolved self, who will sting himself to death rather than forego the pleasure of stinging; the eagle, the bird that flies higher than any other; and the phoenix, the bird that rises from the ashes of its old self, symbol of resurrection.


Scorpio's first impulse into activity starts in the house of adjustment, humility, and service — the willingness to be nothing in order to be something. This is Scorpio's hardest lesson. Scorpio has a sense of tremendous power, but he is not always able to bring it into operation on the outer levels until he is regenerated. He is an excellent and indefatigable worker, but he is seldom in the foreground until the personal self is mastered. "He who loses himself shall surely find himself' is the sentence that gives the key to the Scorpio mission. In Taurus, the power is coiled-up energy and latent; in Leo, it is in activity becoming self-conscious and the personality must die. "Lest a seed fall into the ground and die (or seem to), it shall not bear fruit." Scorpio runs into difficulties with co-workers and employees because of his supercritical nature. Also he Is far too quick to peas judgment on others. He is a good worker and a hard worker often driving himself mercilessly. Ha is apt to drive others as weB. When his efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated, he feels much resentment He needs to know that only those who appreciate earn the right to apprecia. tion. There is a keen interest in health and dietary laws. Often the best doctors and nurses are born in Scorpia


Scorpio's resources lie In the house of "the other" and not in himself. Scorpio has to learn stability and steadiness where partnerships are concerned. There is a great stubbornness in this sign that makes for difficulties in partnerships. Relationships call for equality and a responsibility that Scorpio would rather avoid. He would much rather be a lone wolf — and often is. With Taurus on this cusp, there is an air of independence that is camouflage, for he is very dependent on other people. Scorpio must serve others, since this is Taurus' seventh house. Once he gives his affections he does not change easily. He is fixed In his ideas as well as in his affections. He has a deep and Intense mature. When he marries, he will do all he can to stay in the marriage, no matter how difficult the going. His pride will not allow him to give up. Seldom do you find people with Taurus on the seventh house going through a divorce court The higher types in this sign have great gentleness and kindness for Venus rules the seventh house. This gives Venus the opportunity to lend its warmth and lovingness to any relationship.


This gives curiosity about the mysteries of life, especially the after-death states. There is an insatiable desire to understand the "why" of life, and there is often a great restlessness until there is a centering on the inside of the nature. Scorpio is the mystery sign of the zodiac and deals with the mysteries of life on inner levels as well as outer ones. Scorpio is the mystery sign of creativity, the sign of sex in its deeper as well as superficial aspect Scorpio has a great interest in sex; but with Gemini here on the eighth house, it is an interest more of the mind than the emotions. An afflicted Scorpio person is truly a "Dr. Jekyll" and "Mr. Hyde," for if he does not relate to the higher forces, he can be a split personality as well as a destructive person. There is no sign more vindictive than Scorpio when unredeemed. This native passes judgment on others and shows little mercy. He seldom is able to face his own mistakes and errors. Often beset by guilt (though he does not decieve himself, he projects his guilt and feelings and accuses others of the very things of which he feels guilty. Yet when he has risen above personality reactions, there is no greater strength and power than this sign. He is truly powerful when he does not seek power for self but seeks to be used by the power to heal and bless others.


This sign on the ninth house gives sensitivity and psychic awareness of the needs of the public. He makes a fine teacher because his feeling has the understanding quality that comes from the ninth house, which is related to the superconscious mind. He feels the reactions of other people intuitively. There is a great desire to travel, not only on the outer levels, but to the far-flung horizons of spiritual consciousness as well. Scorpio people can penetrate the mysteries of life through unusual dreams and visions when Cancer is on this cusp. There is a strong desire to mother and sustain others. Furthermore, the religious philosophy is strongly tied with service to others.


Here lies the reason for the Lucifer-like pride often found with Leo on this house. The natural house of Saturn (Lucifer) behind the individual's drive for significance would give a desire for power. But Saturn is the tester; and in the natural house of Capricorn, he would have to work and wait and be tested before he would be entrusted with leadership. A Scorpio ascendant does not lack ability to organize — far from it — but until he uses a loving attitude rather than a demanding one, he will not receive the prestige or power he wishes. In order to give orders* rightly, Leo on this cusp needs to learn how to take them. This is not easy. In his career, Scorpio has to learn to understand the other fellow and how to bring out the best in him. When he rules through love and not through discipline, he reaches the top in any field he selects. "Radiation through being" is the keynote of any house when Leo is found on the cusp; when Scorpio learns this lesson, he goes far.


This is the house of aims, goals, and objectives. With Virgo here, goals are reached by service, purity, dispassion, and humility. When Scorpio serves others and forgets himself, he is truly dynamic and majestic. He has a willingness to help the underdog. In fact, he finds it easier to be with those he considers inferior to himself rather than those who would be equals. Note Scorpios' desire for animals as companions, especially the small animals. Pets are not demanding and cannot argue with their owners' fixed ideas. Scorpio people make excellent veterinarians and often choose this profession as being the one liked best. They have a magnetic attunement with animals, probably due to their love for them. There is a strong inferiority complex in Scorpio that is not apparent on the surface. He is far mora shy than people think and is apt to shun crowds or large groups of people, for he feels uncomfortable with them.


Marriage, unions, and partnerships are lessons when this sign is on this house. Seldom does a Scorpio Sun-Sign or ascendant have a happy marriage until he has redeemed and transformed his nature. Yet mar riage and relationships are extremely Important to him, for his re* generation lies in learning to be cooperative and outgoing toward others. He would like to be on a desert island with no one to bother him, but life will not allow him to escape. Whether be wills it or not, he is plunged into the fray and the battle is on. Because Libra is extroverted and Scorpio is introverted, the within and the without must be balanced in the subconscious before there is any inner peace for the person with Libra on this cusp. If Venus or Saturn is afflicted, then be sure that there are dues to pay because of lack of cooperation and lack of love in a previous life. The house in which these planets are placed will show the area of his life where lovingness and cooperation must be used. The twelfth house is the foundation of the first house and is the house of self-undoing or subjective sustainment. It is the house of the subconscious — the night side of the self. — Here insight and perception are very important. The tendency is to see others through the eyes of self, rather than to see them in their own light The recognition for the need of change, without self-pity or self-condemnation, is very important


There is a strong reserve in the individuals who have this sign on the house of personality, the exteriorization of the persona] self. It is not easy to know these individuals, for much lies hidden under the surface. They command respect, for there is a great strength that is felt, no matter how silent the individual may be. Here are the stoics who will suffer in silence, and no one can guess what is hampering below the surface. Not lacking In courage and persistence, he will see things through, no matter what the cost to his personal self. This individual is creative and has great resourcefulness. In an emergency, he is the one who stays cool and collected and is able to handle a crisis in a quiet manner. Regardless of how much strain may be put upon him he is able to carry through to a successful finish. If Mars is heavily afflicted in the chart this sign can be ruthless, for they are extremely perceptive and know the other fellow's weaknesses. With Scorpio on the first house, he is extremely intuitive and psychic, though he is apt to be silent about many of his impressions and feelings. There is a great need to guard against sarcasm, for his tongue can be deadly if he uses it vindictively. Healing power instead of hurting power is the key for Scorpio on the ascendant Once he has conquered his lower nature, there is no greater healer in the zodiac.


The reserve of the personality does not extend to the pocketbook with Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius here. There is a generosity that Is very great, and he is willing to share his resources with others. He is little concerned about money and material possessions, yet he does not like to be without enough to take care of his needs and to share. Once one with a Scorpio ascendant has connected his conscious self with his superconscious self, there Is protection financially and where re sources are concerned. He attains through the faith of Sagittarius, for this ngn on the second house means not only material security, bat also the spiritual wealth that brings inner serenity. So long ago, a Master said; "Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness and all else will be added unto you." The "all else" Includes abundance on every level. With Sagittarius on this house, seeking a job for the salary alone will not be satisfactory. If he spends his money or resources on his own interests, he will be miserable. He may not admit these things or choose to believe them, but this is the law. You can see why. The second house is the ninth from the sixth house, where the Scorpio ascendant's activity begins. The sixth house is the house of service and self-adjustment. Wherever Sagittarius is placed in the chart, the key is "spirit first", not matter.


This individual Is serious-minded, for Capricorn is the most reserved and serious of all the signs. Life to him is grim and earnest, and the grave of the personality IS his goal. If Jupiter or Venus is angular or well aspected in the chart, it will help to lighten the load. His early environment is seldom happy, for he is the "odd one" in the family. He is not understood and feels it is useless to try to explain himselfr He is apt to have his early education interrupted, but he will be searching and studying long after the other signs have put their books away. The tendency to moods of depression must be guarded against and not allowed to linger. There is an inclination to brood over disappointments. He needs to learn to touch life lightly. He takes himself far too seriously and needs to cultivate the ability to laugh and to see life in its proper perspective. In early life, the health of Scorpio is not robust but as he gets older, he gets tougher and has much more vitality than most people.


Deep in the being of an individual with Aquarius on this house is a power drive second to none. He will have to make his way, no matter what the cost. At least, he thinks so! A tremendous desire for freedom is inherent in the roots of his nature. But Saturn, negative ruler of Aquarius, in the house of the roots of the being stands guard at the portal of freedom until the individual has learned that only through self-discipline and service can he have the freedom he wants. There are many domestic upsets with Aquarius here. Many changes of residence are part of the plan, and Scorpio does not like to move. There are predispositions to irritation in the individual that makes him difficult to live with. He Is not peaceful and loving until he is functioning on the soul level, rather than in the personality. Scorpio, of all the signs, knows the least about love. What he calls love is desire. A tremendous self-love, utterly unrecognized by the personality, brings difficulties. He blames the other fellow for the troubles that he generates himself. With Aquarius on this house, it is very necessary to learn the lessons of cooperation. There Is a tendency to be attracted to unusnal and bohemian types of people. He feels more at home with them, for basically they are rebels at heart It is very Important to the person with a Scorpio Sun or ascendant to air (Aquarius) his difficulties with Bomeone who under* stands and then bury them forever in the grave of forgotten things. This will eliminate Scorpio's besetting sin — resentment Resentment means living over and over again past hurts, frustrations, and angers. Its poison affects the mind and emotions and, inevitably, the body — which is the end terminal of inner attitudes.


This is the house of self-expression, as well as of children of the body, the mind, and emotions. Wherever Pisces is placed in the chart, there is always some frustration. Scorpio often feds frustrated where his creativity and self-expression are concerned. He feels a far greater sense of power than he can express. Sorrow and sacrifice regarding children and love affairs are indicated if Pisces is on this house. This is difficult to understand unless we realize that this Incarnation (Scorpio) is one where we have to function on the soul level rather than that of the personality. Until the personality loses its hold, the soul cannot come forth in all its glory. All that the personality holds dear must be relinquished. When there is a letting go, then the individual can retain all he wishes to retain. Why? It is because then they cherish it for its own value and not for the value it has for them. Scorpio — devil or angel — the choice is theirs! There is no in between for these individuals.

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