This sidereal time gives you the cusps of the houses for the individual born in Boston, July 27th at 6:32 S.T.

In the first column under Latitudes find the Latitude 42. The 10th house will have 19 8 on the cusp. 11th house will have 24 n on the cusp; 12th will have 27 as on its cusp. The 1st house cusp will be 26 51 7, the second house 18 TO and the third house 15 ** . The opposite houses will have the opposite signs with the same degrees. The birth chart will look like this one.

You will be able to know if your mathematics are correct by the position of the Sun. If it falls in the 8th house and you have a morning birth you will know your calculations are wrong. The chart showing the comparative position of the Sun (it varies slightly with the seasons of the year) is a big aid to the beginning student It is a check on the calcu-tions.

The Son most fall in or near the houses that show the time of day the person is born. If it doesnt fall in its rightful section go over your calculations for there is an error in the mathematics.

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