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4th to 7Hi Home

4th to 7Hi Home

In first to fourth house, matters are in a preparatory stage; move slowly. Not a quick turnover position. Whatever is attempted should be with a long view or long term goal in mind.

In fourth to seventh house energies are being reorganised to take full advantage of expansion.

In seventh to tenth house there are opportunities to bring things started into full expression.

When tiie heavy planets are caning from the 10th house to the As« eendant it is time for consolidation; consolidating on inner levels and learning to handle sensitivities and feelings in terms of the self. From the 7th to 10th house it is outer activities that are important From the 10th to the 1st house it is whafs happening on the inside that is of deep importance.

When the heavy planets are going from the first to the fourth house it is a period of withdrawal, of retreat from outer activities, and heralds a period of re-evaluation and reassessment. It is not the time to institute new action if Saturn is the planet transiting from the first through the third house.

For example: When Saturn would be transiting the 2nd house build to make resources permanent, whether they be «kill« or finances, and try to establish the affairs of that house. Saturn is the necessity principle. Stabilize finances and demonstrate that you can handle your material affairs wisely.

Jupiter represents outside opportunity wherever it is transiting. Neptune, wherever it is by transit, stick-to what you know. Not what you feel or think or imagine but what you know. Wherever Uranus is transiting look for unexpected and sudden changes. These changes will come through the actions of others. Your reactions will be all important. Uranus will be transiting a house for a Ion? time. It will be when it affects a planet in the house or the ruler of the cusp that it will be activated. Where Neptune, by transit is affecting the chart there is an element of sacrifice. Uranus is sudden, direct, forceful ard out in the open. Neptune is subtle, pervasive and undercover. It works under the surface to melt the ego down and dissolve barriers. In a negative way it would be similar to the termites that live and work in wood a long time before their damage Is known on the outside or the cancer ceils that are doing damage long before they appear on the surface.

Mars is the activating principle. Wherever it is transiting in the natal chart there is action. The energy must be used constructively or there will be strife and contention. Example: when Saturn by transit conjunct» natal Mars in the third house it becomes a necessity to change the mental attitude about things or people in the environment. It will be easier to handle if Mars and Saturn are in harmony in the natal chart. Saturn transiting Mars can be aggravating but activity plus common sense can bring in a new cycle.

The New Moon as it transits in a house stirs up activity in the area where it falls. If it conjuncts or opposes a planet it stirs up activity of the nature of that planet It will be activated from the New Moon to the Full Moon. If new activity is initiated it should be started after the New Moon. If it is started in the last quarter of the Moon, especially the last three days of the old Moon, it will fail to come to fruition. Take a job on the dark of the Moon (the last three days) and you will not stay in it It is the time to plan but not to instigate. Nature has an ebb and flow like the tides in the ocean. The tides can be used or neglected. Everything in nature is on the upswing between the New and Full Moon; when its energy starts to recede and is ebbing, the tide is at its greatest passivity before the New Moon. Note the lack of pep and vitality in people in the last phases of the dying Moon. Everything is dragging and only those interested in Cosmic laws know why it is so.

Venus transits ease the way and bring social contacts and happy times. In planning a party use trines or conjunctions of the Moon and Venus and the party will be successful. Venus transits are only a matter of a few days, but if one of the larger planets transit the natal Venus it will be longer lasting and much more potent. If Uranus comes to an aspect of Venus it can have a tremendous impact on the love consciousness. If the person is looking for a romantic sizzle this can be it. If it is a trine aspect it can bring a sudden marriage or union; if it squares or opposes Venus the romance can come but when Uranus passes the romance can go with it However Uranus never leaves an individual where it finds him and there is a recognition and a deeper insight into the meaning of love. If the psrson is in a marriage when Uranus transits Venus they may want to break the ties but it would be a poor time to do so. After the transit is over they may regret their decisions. Often a new relationship looks far more attractive than the old one but there is an erraticness and an instability in Uranus aspects to Venus that need to be taken into consideration. Uranus contacts to Mercury are very important for it changes consciousness; new insights and illuminations change the values forever. When the transiting Mercury afflicts natal Uranus be careful what is said or put in writing. Don't speak out of turn even if it is the truth. If the other fellow talks disagreeably pass up the tendency to retort in kind.

A Mercury transit is not long lasting but when it afflicts Saturn, Neptune or Uranus scrutinize all papers and documents that need your signature. Be careful what you write or what you say. Good aspects to Uranus bring unexpected freedom and favorable news. Excellent for writing, catching up on correspondence. Mail will be important and contact with relatives beneficial. Mercury square to Neptune will be a short transit causing mental confusion. Don't gossip or listen to it Neptune transiting in affliction to natal Mercury is longer lasting and much more difficult. Gives mental and emotional confusion, inaccuracy of thought and errors of judgment due to irrational reasoning. Sacrifice of self for relatives or troubles with them can present problems. Excessive use of alcohol or drugs can destroy the nerves and brain cells. The tendency to procrastinate and day dream rather than doing will be great. Mercury transiting in affliction to Saturn is a matter of a few days. The mind is apt to be depressive and tired and everything seems to be too much effort Tliis can be offset by getting more rest and realizing it is a time to be quiet and reflective rather than hurrying and scurrying. When Saturn conjunct Mercury use this transit to deepen your mental process by studying and working to develop powers of concentration. Work and responsible action will do much to minimize the tendency to futility and depression. If we use aspects constructively they will not use us. With Saturn (the planet of necessity) in relationship to Mercury (consciousness) tests, especially where relatives or your people are concerned, will be presented for cleansing and redeeming purposes. Before a transit of Saturn comes into orb of natal Mercury it is wise to make sura the nervous system Is In good condition. If work has been done on positive thinking it will pay divi dends at this time. If the individual has allowed negative and depressive attitudes to take over the price can be (but doesn't have to be) a mortal breakdown. Knowledge of the tides and currents can be gained a long time before they are flowing so the individual can build in (of his own volition) the necessary ingredients mentally, emotionally and physically. When the time for testing comes he can pass it for he has done the necessary work ahead to time. He uses his energies. They do not use him. This is the proper use of astrology. The trines and sextiles in the birth chart bring good without having to do anything about them. The other aspects are challenges and obstacles that will test our weakness and show us where we need to build in different mental and emotional attitudes. When attitudes are handled correctly the physical body — the end terminal of inner thoughts and feelings — will be healthy. AQ dis-ease is first within before it manifests in the physical body.

When Saturn transits the Moon in the natal chart, the physical and emotional energy is at a low ebb. The person is touchy, supersensitive and afraid of being hurt May be suspicious of other people's motives. Saturn cleans up the emotions and shows the physical weaknesses as well as the inner weaknesses that need correcting. Person is dissatisfied and bored with everything in the surroundings. If the individual quits and runs away from his circumstances it does no good. The difficulty is within, no matter how much it seems to be on the outside. In a female chart this aspect has a direct bearing on health. In a male chart the difficulties will come through feminine influences in his life. "This too shall pass" is an excellent motto when Saturn is afflicting the Moon.

Saturn afflicting Jupiter holds zest and enthusiasm down and brings lessons that come because the person has expanded too far through lack of good judgment It is not a good time to plunge into new business ventures, travel or go into investments. Saturn conjunct Jupiter is saying 'Blow up. Wait Be sure you are well prepared for what you want to do." Jupiter conjunct Saturn is just the opposite effect. It releases the energy and frees one from limitation and restriction. Oppositions in the chart work differently than squares and conjunctions. The opposition cornea from outside circumstances and from other people. Walt Whitman said: "Have we not learned great lessons from those who pitted their strength against us and disputed the passage with us?"

Saturn afflicting Venus brings emotional problems due to prior selfishness. It can bring a broken union or disrupt a marriage. Fear of getting hurt where affections are concerned is very strong. Disappointments and separations are of karmic origin when Saturn is strong. Our own selfish attitudes of the past whether this life or a prior one, are coming home to roost In the material world this transit if afflicted, will bring financial difficulties.

A Saturn transit afflicting Mars or in conjunction with it can be difficult if the person hasn't equated his energy output with common sense and practicality. Individualism and energy runs into obstacles Usually calls for added responsibility and hard work, with less energy with which to cope with it. It is necessary to accept life as it is, not as we would like it to be. If the individual is more martian than saturnian this transit will be difficult. It will cause combativeness and irritation and often the body isn't in good health and the person finds it hard to restrain his martian tendencies. It is necessity versus impulse and necessity needs must win if this individual wants to stay out of trouble. Mars represents the engine and Saturn the brakes. This is the time to apply the brakes, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Mars afflictions tend to physical Infections for it rules the bloodstream and when afflicted it gives fever. This is nature's way of burning up toxics in the bloodstream. Emotionally Mars stirs up the passions. There is a tendency to rashness that can cause accidents. The person with an afflicted Mars at birth needs to guard against anger and impulsiveness when Mars or Saturn are transiting the birth planets. If the magnetic field of the individual is free of disharmony or discord there would be no accidents for there would be nothing in the magnetic field to draw it into orbit

For the inwardly angry person Mars transiting the natal Sun or Moon can bring disputes, strife and accidents. To the one free from discord this transit of Mars can give renewed energy and re vital ization of any project in which he is involved. We do not have trouble if we learn how to avoid it.

Mars transiting or afflicting the Moon can give trouble with the feminine sex or with the public if the person is rash and pugnacious and speaks out of turn. He does not have to let the animal self loose. We are all keepers of a zoo and all the animals in the animal kingdom are within us as qualities. In Genesis we were given dominion over those animals. As long as we keep them under control we are safe. They are there and must be tamed.

Mars transiting natal Mercury sharpens the tongue as well as the pen and both need restraint. If these two planets are afflicted at birth this transit can set off verbal explosions. Nothing will be gained and much will be lost

Mars afflicting Venus is lust versus love. If these two planets are in harmony at birth this aspect can release harmony. If they are afflicted this will increase lust and greed, negate any Iovingness until lust is lost and givingness replaces greediness.

If Mars afflicts the Sun it makes self will and aggressiveness too strong. Active and combative combination that needs handling. Quarrels can arise. Physical energy high. Take it easy. Use this energy do not abuse it. Mars afflicted to the Moon involves relationships with the female sex and causes disputes.

Jupiter afflictions come through lack of good judgment and through extravagance and dissipation. Jupiter rules the liver and when afflicted at birth and by transit there can be difficulty where the liver is concerned.

One of the most disruptive, explosive and violent aspects is Uranus adverse to Mars, either by birth relationships or by transit J J1. Kennedy had this aspect at birth and when it was aapected by heavy transiting afflictions he was assassinated. His brother had Mars, Saturn and the Sun in Scorpio afflicted to Neptune in Leo at birth. When Neptune by transit afflicted the natal planets (in fixed signs) he too left the body violently. Does violence have to happen? After thirty years in studying Cosmic law I would say "No, it does not." To escape the birthchart afflictions the negative aspect must be known and changed by changing the discordancy within, thereby eliminating the discordancy in the outer world. If we live in the personality — the unlit self — then we cannot overcome the tensions or tides. We live the Moon side and not the Sun. When the Real Self is allowed to control the life and the personal will is given to the Will of the Spiritual Self, (God in us) then the birthchart no longer operates negatively. The astrology of the new age will teach these truths. Predictions will be understood in their rightful context. The future is a direct result of today's actions. Our situations of today are a direct result of our actions and reactions of the past. When we are truly in tune, energies will be released positively and there will be only good results from any aspect, whether it be square or trine, conjunction or opposition.

Mars in affliction to Neptune or afflicted by a Neptune transit gives self deception and fogs the mind and emotions. If the person takes drugs or alcohol there will be danger of obsession. Psychic invasions can take place for the etheric field could be damaged and devitalized. The protective web that acts as a protective shield could be ruptured.

Neptune transits are the slowest of all the transits except those of Pluto. They are more subtle and more hidden for they operate in such a way that their effect goes unnoticed at the time. Interpret rightly the natal Neptune and the influence it will exert by transit and you will have the hidden key to the personality and direction of the life. The nature of the planets he passes over plus the time of life at which the contact occurs will provide valuable clues to the inner and outer development of the character. Not everyone feels Neptune in the same way; some not at all outwardly but the vibrations are there in the unconscious working silently to dissolve the ego and set it free.

Our dreams and ideas change as the years come and go. This is Neptune working underground. Neptune, ruler of the 12th house of setf-Bustainment or self-undoing is one of the lords of Karma. The more one tries to hang on to the self the less self there is. The more one gives oneself away the more self there is to give. Until the personality is willing to be nothing it will not be anything. Neptune is the planet of obligation or sacrifice. Where Uranus rules the Will, Neptune rules the willingness to give it up. Neptune is the Cosmic Santa Claus for everything that is freely given "UP" comes back a hundredfold. Only the givers to life have found this secret. The more given, the more received. This is the law of the Universe; everything sent forth, whether thought, feelings or deeds, returns to bless or bum.

Neptune is not one of the earth planets. On the material levels it is a trouble-brewer. It gives emotional fog when tied with Venus. The mind is fogged when Neptune is configurated to Mercury. When related to the Moon the personality must become sacrificial for the good of others. When it is related to the Sun the will and the ego must be dissolved. In its transits these conditions will be met. How we handle them depends on our degree of understanding.

Uranus configurated with Jupiter in a harmonious fashion brings unexpected and unusual benefits through other people. Person often gets an unexpected inheritance through the transit of Uranus over Jupiter. In square or opposition it often takes benefits away, either through others or the person's own lack of judgment.

Uranus transiting in conjunction to Saturn often sets the person free of some bondage or confinement and gives him a larger world in which to operate. Saturn transiting Uranus often binds the person's freedom in some way; added responsibility often coming through older people can be required.

Those with Jupiter well placed and aspected are those who appear to have a charmed life and protection around them. They do for they have earned it. They sowed the right seeds (compassion, generosity, love) in a past incarnation and they are reaping the rewards in this life.

Venus in conjunction with Jupiter is extremely fortunate, especially in a sign in which they work together harmoniously. It is a harmonious aspect between Jupiter and Venus that brings what the world calls "luck" into the life. Only when the Cosmic Laws are understood is there a recognition that we all receive exactly what we have given; no more no less.

When Uranus is afflicted we want freedom more than anything else but are bound and do not have it simply because we have hampered others and given them no freedom in the past. Mars afflictions are greed for possessions but Uranus is interested in human beings under his influence. Self-will is exceptionally strong when Uranus is afflicted. It must be given up thereby releasing others into their freedom. Authority is one of the subtlest tests for it involves the use of power. Only when we become channels for the power and do not usurp it are we safe.

In reading planetary transits notice their effect as they change houses. If the birthtime is correct this will give a new trend or direction depending on the planet and the house it is entering. Uranus going over the Ascendant (First House) always brings a big personal change into the life; it upsets the status quo and brings in new concepts, new directions and a new life opens up for the individual. Sometimes a birthchart time may be corrected by noting the time Uranus crossed the Ascendant. If no event occured the birth data given is not correct One of the most difficult times in the individual's life is when Saturn transits the Ascendant If the individual hasn't taken care of his health the physical body will suffer. The individual goes through experiences that are difficult and test the soul. Often there is an enforced retreat from outer activity and the person is faced with circumstances that will call for fortitude and courage. Saturn going over the ascendant takes weight off the physical body. Jupiter puts it on. Jupiter transiting the first house brings travel, expan-

»Ion and happy conditions Into the life. Any contracts or marriages fa»Mng place at this time will prove to be beneficial and harmonious. Marriage at the time Saturn transits the Ascendant brings restrictions, responsibilities and lessons that are painful.

It is necessary to make adjustments, to accept tests and not run out on any responsibilities in the area Saturn is affecting by transit. If it moves into the sixth house it necessitates an adjustment where work is concerned. If there is a health problem negative thinking and wrong «notions are at the root of the difficulty. Don't change a job even though you would want to do so while Saturn is transiting the sixth house. With Saturn entering the seventh house a marriage is possible but it will be for security and material reasons. If one accepts the responsibilities that go with this type of marriage it can work. Often it does not work because later the person finds that love is the only quality that gives a solid relationship.

Transiting Jupiter in the seventh house can bring a good marriage. Often it is to someone who has had a previous marriage. Chances of an in« heritance are strong when Jupiter is transiting the eighth house. With Jupiter in the eighth house there is an opportunity to cash in on work already done, and service already given. It would be a good time to seek credit or backers for any venture.

In this textbook only some of the transiting conditions are given. If the student has a basic grasp on the principles involved where planets and signs are concerned it will not be difficult for him to know what is likely to happen as the transiting planets come and go. By knowing ahead what kind of cycle or trend will be operating the individual can go with the tide and not resist it. There is a time to launch a boat and put it into the deep for the tide is flowing and the conditions are right. When the tide is out, wait for it to turn. Otherwise your boat can flounder on the mud flats. Go with the tides, not against them. This is the right use of astrology.

One of the best ways for the student to gain experience in interpreting charts is to collect the charts of his family and friends. Study them carefully and see why they respond to life as they do. Ask them for the times In their lives when important events happened to them. See what transits were operating at that time. Thi3 Is the way to understand how planet energies operate. Good sailing!

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