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Lack of vitamin E is a major possibility when "Venus is in hard aspect with Saturn, and a lack of the vitamin can cause a variety of skin disorders. For example, skin may bruise easily. Or the aging process of wrinkles and sagging skin may hasten, especially since a hard aspect between Venus and Saturn also indicates a deficiency of the antiaging nutrient PABA (Saturn). Skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis, lupus, vitiligo, wrinkles, dry skin and dark spots may also occur, requiring the external application of PABA cream.

Vitamin E is also concerned with the blood and clotting process, particularly in the veins, ruled by Venus. An inability to assimilate vitamin E can result in loss of venous elasticity. Moreover, clotting or thrombosis formation can occur from a lack of vitamins C (Saturn) and E in combination: if either planet is in Aquarius, the clotting will probably take place in the legs if in Gemini, the lungs.

Other potential deficiencies can also cause problems with the veins. For instance, the veins may become fragile from lack of sufficient bioflavonoids (Saturn) to keep them elastic and permeable: skin bruising easily could indicate a need for more bioflavonoids as well as vitamins E and C to keep the blood and veins healthy in general and to discourage clotting (phlebitis) from occurring. Copper is also necessary to keep veins elastic, and with a hard aspect from Mars or Pluto there can be possible aneurysms from insufficient copper, especially if Jupiter is also involved.

Kidney ailments are possible with a hard aspect between Venus and Saturn, too, since Venus rules Libra, the regulator of the kidneys. There is some speculation that kidney damage can be inflicted by too much fluorine (Saturn), which causes blockage of the tubules. With an aspect from Mars or Pluto there may be kidney stones. If the Sun is involved, there could be kidney calcification because vitamin D (Sun) is not present in sufficient quantities to distribute the calcium properly. And if Venus or Saturn is in Libra with an additional aspect from Mars, there may be inflammation of the kidneys from lack of vitamin E.

Other potential ailments with this configuration are an acid-alkaline imbalance in the body from insufficient calcium (Saturn) with a hard aspect from Pluto; skin lesions over the body, dermatitis from pellagra, ulcerations, pustules or any tumors of the outer skin from a lack of niacin; possible copper poisoning and resulting destruction of vitamin C with an aspect from Pluto or Neptune; problems in protein metabolism without sufficient copper; and possible osteoporosis of the bones.

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