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A person with Venus in hard aspect with Jupiter in a natal chart might require larger-than-average quantities of vitamin E. With a deficiency of vitamin E and an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn, there may be arterial damage. With Saturn involved there may also be the possibility of certain types of muscular dystrophy, which seems to respond to a joint application of vitamin E and inositol (Jupiter). With insufficient pangamic acid (Jupiter) as well, heart ailments are other possibilities. A lack of chottn (Jupiter), in addition to a deficiency of vitamin E, may also cause problems with the kidneys. And a lack of vitamins PABA, E and B-6 (Jupiter) can result in cholesterol problems.

Furthermore, there is always the potential for sugar-related ailments when Venus is in hard aspect with Jupiter. Both Venus and Jupiter can indicate overindulgence, especially of sweets. With an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn there can be diabetic tendencies caused by a deficiency of manganese (Jupiter).

If either Venus or Jupiter is in Virgo or its opposite sign, Pisces, liver problems may also be indicated. With a trine from Pluto to Jupiter and the sign Virgo involved hepatolenticular disease could occur, signalling an above-average need for copper.

A deficiency in copper can create other disorders. For instance, if the copper-zinc (VenusJupiter) balance is disturbed, there may also be an imbalance of iron (Mars). And insufficient zinc (Jupiter) can result in skin problems. In addition, there may be a metabolic block in the copper enzyme factor synthesis from a missing cofactor, vitamin B-6, if a hard aspect from Saturn is present. If either Venus or Jupiter is in Leo with an aspect from Saturn, there can be possible rupture of the aorta or arteries, caused by inelasticity of the artery walls from a loss of copper and vitamin C (Saturn).

A person with a hard aspect between Venus and Jupiter in a natal chart may have an above-average need for niacin, too. And a deficiency of niacin can reduce the availability of vitamin B-6.

Finally, with a hard aspect between Venus and Jupiter and an additional hard aspect from Saturn it's possible that whatever sign Jupiter is in could pinpoint the site of an aneurysm, caused by a deficiency of copper: if Jupiter is in Leo, it could be an aneurysm of the aorta; in Virgo, the abdominal arteries; and in Aries, the head.

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