Uranus Pluto

A hard aspect between Uranus and Pluto, especially a conjunction, may subject organs or bodily functions to great stress. As a result stress-related ailments may crop up if a person does not take proper precautions, exercising moderation in all areas of life. For example, spasms, tremors and nerve-related problems may manifest: Uranus's sign, Aquarius, is implicated in multiple sclerosis. To combat such ailments there may be sporadic needs for orotic acid (Pluto) when stressful situations arise.

Other disorders that are possible with a hard aspect between Uranus and Pluto are brittleness, such as brittle diabetes, and deterioration of the spinal cord and the myelin sheaths, ruled by Aquarius. ?

Uranus* Ascendant

A person with Uranus in hard aspect to the Ascendant in a natal chart, especially a conjunction, may be prone to tension-related ailments and must learn to relax. He or she may be vulnerable to stress-related diseases, such as high blood pressure or ulcers. Nervous complaints, cramps, spasms or tics may also evolve. " <<


A well-aspected Neptune usually means protection. A harmonious Neptune acts like the guardian angel of a natal chart, indicating that spiritual benefactors are at work and that no matter how poor the health is there will be a time when the person will get better. Neptune sitting well-aspected in the Sixth or Twelfth House is in an especially excellent position for conquering health problems.

The aspects of Neptune in a natal chart may also indicate an individual's ability to assimilate and absorb nutrients. Neptune represents gossamer, gaseous liquids, able to permeate anything. Thus a well-aspected Neptune signifies the ability of nutrients to pass through the walls of the intestines, be picked up by the bloodstream and distributed to where the vitamins and minerals are needed. But a poorly aspected Neptune or one in hard aspect with Saturn signifies the incapacity of the intestinal tract to absorb nutrients properly. A heavily aspected Neptune will imply an individual who may be sensitive to drugs of any kind, thereby requiring only Vi of the usual dosage of a medication.

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