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Like the Sixth House, the Twelfth House is directly concerned with health matters. Specifically, it is the house of hospitalization. It is also a house that can indicate psychological problems. People with strong Twelfth Houses tend toward introversion, and they hide their feelings in their subconscious minds. And as with the Fourth and Eighth Houses, people with planets in the Twelfth House can build up negative emotions until there is a physical manifestation in illness. Since this is one house position that does not allow emotions to ferment forever, progressed or transiting planets can trigger release of this backlog of repressed or suppressed emotions—perhaps resulting in hospitalization.

But if Twelfth House individuals can remain honest with themselves about their emotions and feelings, they may avoid hospitalization. Therapy is the best bet. Good friends or spouses can also provide sounding boards for unleashing feelings in positive ways. Talking out their feelings is the best remedy for Twelfth House individuals. They must learn that harboring envy, jealousy, hatred or anger will inevitably result in ailments. The karmic law that applies in this case is, "What goes around, comes around." Conversely, keeping their thoughts pure and their ethics and morals above question will help insure hospital-free lives.

CHAPTER THREE The Hard Aspects and Health

The aspects used in determining health matters are the hard aspects: the conjunction, square, inconjunct (or quincunx) and opposition. These are considered "hard" configurations because the energy between the two planets or a planet and a house cusp is blocked. Sickness is simply a mismanagement of energy on either a mental or emotional level.

Two other minor aspects, the semi-square (45 degrees) and the sesquiquadrant (135 degrees), also play a role in the manifestation of disease. These minor aspects can provide a degree of irritation and continual abrasive activity that weakens an organ or metabolic function so that severe illness or breakdown may occiu when a major aspect by progression takes place. But the influence of these minor aspects is slight in that a full-blown condition will not manifest unless there are accompanying major hard aspects present.

Whereas the sign the planet is in will indicate where illnesses occur and the house placement will suggest why ailments may develop, the hard aspects indicate the severity of the diseases that may take place. Hard aspects create stress that eventually may manifest in physical ailments.

Conjunction (0-degree aspect between two planets)

Depending upon which planets are involved, a conjunction generally infers a melding of two energies that work in tandem; thus twice the energy and twice the nutritional needs are created. Any conjunction that involves Pluto should be watched and checked out carefully by the medical astrologer. Neptune conjunctions, especially with the Sun, Moon, Mars or Saturn, can also be indicators of poor health. . J -

Square (90-degree aspect between two planets)

The old adage that a square can be a stumbling block or a building block also applies in medical astrology. A square implies that some stress is being applied. It can also show the loss or overuse of whatever vitamins or minerals are involved. But square aspects can be worked out and used beneficially for good health. r - ■■ : ■

Opposition (180-degree aspect between two planets) An imbalance is most likely with this aspect. One of the two planets involved is receiving more energy than the other, creating health problems. One of the planets (but not both) wilt be deficient in some vitamin or mineral; however, when the energies are balanced, there will be no health problems or nutritional deficiencies because an opposition allows us to see clearly what is wrong with our present diets and how to correct the situation so that no deficiencies exist.

In conjunct (150-degree aspect between two planets)

This is the health aspect, the most suspect of high and low conditions ol the body. It is the most difficult and impregnable of the aspects to deal with. People who have two or more inconjuncts in their charts are prone to diseases at some time in their lives. Moreover, a yod (two planets sextile and inconjunct a third) may implicate illness: you can tell where the ailment is likely to manifest by noting the center, or inconjunct planet.

The inconjunct can be likened to a pressure cooker. The accumulating steam has to go somewhere; it will eventually have to escape. On a psychological level, an inconjunct indicates that a person cannot get in touch with himself or herself very easily. He or she is poor at identifying internal needs or even recognizing the presence of suppressed or repressed emotions. The buildup of such emotional dross has to explode somewhere, and sickness may develop.

On a purely physical level, the inconjunct indicates very poor absorption of nutrients: it can denote an enormous appetite for a vitamin or mineral ruled by the planets involved in the aspect. A careful diet is going to have to be tailor-made by a nutritionally conscious physician, particularly if any of the B complex vitamins are involved.

The inconjunct involves the First and Sixth or Eighth Houses. The Sixth House inconjunct is the easier of the two to deal with. It mainly means paying careful attention to diet to help sidestep possible health situations. The Eighth House inconjunct, on the other hand, involves a Pandora's box of subconscious manifestations that have to be worked out by the individual, often with the help of a therapist.

The best word for people with inconjuncts to remember is adaptation. If they can adapt positive attitudes to different circumstances and changing environments, health will probably not be impaired; however, people with two or more inconjncts, especially those wjth yods, court ill health if their attitudes are inflexible and negative.

Although any inconjunct should be seriously considered and given more weight than other hard aspects when deciding potential areas of nutritional deficiency, some of the more potent inconjuncts are Sun-Moon, Sun-Saturn, Sun-Neptune, Moon-Pluto, Mars-Saturn, Mars-Pluto, Jupiter-Saturn and Saturn-Neptune.

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