My next step was to check Todd's transits to see if they were adding anything to the overall health picture.

Saturn: This planet is in the Twelfth House of Todd's natal chart at 0 Virgo. It went retrograde on December 12, setting up a vibration, or warning. I've many times seen an outer planet enter the Twelfth House and activate a chronic medical condition that has been mildly active but has not really gone into the crisis stage. In Todd's case transiting Saturn did exactly that. Saturn was at 29 Leo in November 1977 with only one degree separating it from the natal Sun in an inconjunct aspect. I'm sure that in late October of 1977 his condition became worse when this aspect was exact.

Uranus: At 12 and 13 Scorpio in November 1977 Uranus made an exact square to natal Mars. This aspect can indicate an acute condition suddenly manifesting or a worsening of an already deteriorating condition, which, of course, was exactly what took place in Todd's case.

Neptune: At 14 and 15 Sagittarius in November 1977 Neptune seemingly had little to do with the crisis. Only the progressed chart indicated how deeply involved the planet was, because in the long run Neptune provided the answer to the problem.

Pluto: At 15 Libra for the entire month of November 1977 Pluto remained on the Second House cusp, seemingly uninvolved.


On April 18, 1977, there was an eclipse of the new Moon at 28 Aries in Todd's Eighth House. I ordinarily would not pay attention to such an eclipse because it hit no planet and did not occur in the Sixth or Twelfth Houses of health and hospitalization. But, since astrologers have traditionally said that the Eighth House indicates death, I did note the date. (Although I've seen some eclipses activate in the Eighth House of a person's chart, usually they involved the death of someone the person knew and not the individual.) The fallout date for the eclipse was July 18, 1977, with the effects lasting for six months—that is, to October 18, 1977, a time when Todd's ailments began to enter a crisis.

On September 27, 1977, an eclipse of the full Moon took place at 4 Aries within four degrees opposition to Todd's natal Pluto. And this eclipse, I

feel, had an influence on the overall health picture. The fallout date was December 27, 1977. By that time Todd's health was just beginning to stabilize after his mother had found an orthomolecular physician to give the tests I had suggested.

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