Third House

Since they are usually very good at being "Dear Abbeys," people with planets in the Third House often become the centers of attention where they live. And if they are asked too often to help siblings or other people in their homes or on their blocks, their bodies can react adversely to the environmental stress. Such people need some private moments for "downtime" for their bodies.

The disease of "peopling" can lead to a state of great frustration. Indeed, for Third House individuals the nerves are the most likely to suffer because of environmental pressures. They need to learn to say no to those who hound them, to make phone conversations short and to keep coffee breaks with neighbors to a minimum. If they control such situations, health may be improved.

Since the Fourth House concerns parents, parental conditioning may play a major part in how people with planets in the Fourth House maintain their health after they leave the security of the home. Parents many times inflict their personality traits upon their children, not realizing that their sons and daughters need to express themselves differently to grow into their own. Neurosis caused by repressed anger may develop and lead to inner struggles that individuals may not be consciously aware of. If these negative emotions are not worked out on a conscious and positive level, health may deteriorate and chronic problems may be established in the middle part of life, from age 42 to 49.

The healthy approach is one of confrontation. These people need to examine themselves in terms of parental conditioning. Psychological counseling is sometimes necessary to dredge up these hurts and talk about them. By getting their feelings into the open, these individuals may be relieved of terrible subconscious burdens, and health may be improved.

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