The Uranian Planets

I use the Uranian planets in natal or progressed work only on the 90-degree dial, a device used by Uranian astrologers and cosmobiologists to discern hard aspects such as the semi-square (45 degrees), the square (90 degrees) and the opposition (180 degrees). My experience does not include analyzing the transiting Uranian planets or looking at the signs they occupy in natal charts, athough research should be conducted in this field. But evaluated on the 90-degree dial, which shows both hard aspects and midpoint configurations, the Uranian planets have the same kind of significance as the known planets, giving the medical astrologer extra information for defining past, present or future health problems.

The three most important Uranian planets for medical analysis are Hades, Admetos and Apollon. Zeus and Vulcanus also have some medical significance. The others—Cupido, Poseidon and Kronos—have minimal effect on a person's health. Chapter Four, on midpoint structures, elaborates the medical attributes of each of the Uranian planets.

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