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Vitamins: A and D.

Minerais: Iodine and Magnesium.

No number of words can express the Sun's importance to everyday bodily functioning. The Sun should never be overlooked in a natal chart because of its vital importance and energy to a person's entire well-being. All inherent vitality, energy or prana flows through the Sun, The sign it is found in will tell us how the energies are being dispensed within the given lifetime.

Metaphysically, the Sun is our Heart Chakra through which all emotions flow. As Dr. William Davidson has said, it is "the fire of life," ruling the etheric body, a very fine, weblike filament that encases the physical body—the container for the energy that flows into the physical body and keeps it functioning steadily on a daily basis.

This presence of an etheric body is why X-rays, radium or electrical burns do so much damage to the physical body. If the etheric is burned by the invisible, high-frequency rays, the container surrounding the physical shell develops a hole and a leak appears. Taking vitamins, minerals, cell salts, herbs or other internal or external aids can sometimes help this condition. Davidson implies that goose grease applied externally will help to seal the etheric so that the vitality of the Sun's energy is not allowed to dissipate. Sunshine as well as vitamin A, is also healthy in moderation.

There may also be a leak in the etheric web when a person contracts an ailment, although this is not always the case. A medical astrologer who can see auras will notice that the organ or part of the body that is diseased, disabled or not functioning up to par will be pulling in the aura in that area of the egg shell oval surrounding the body. This phenomenon results from more energy being diverted from other areas and pumped into the hole to sustain its minimal functioning. A diseased organ will also appear yellowish-green to the person who can look through the physical shell. But medical astrologers, unless clairvoyant, should stick to the indications of the chart and lab tests to get their answers.

On the physical plane the Sun is the center of life—the life-giver to our physical bodies. Its zodiacal sign in Leo, which medically rules the heart. If the heart is sluggish or impaired, the entire body suffers.

We might think of the Sun as an engine. A faulty diet may cause the engine to falter or sputter. And without a good engine the energy provided by Mars becomes wasted. On the other hand, if we have regular tune-ups by watching our diets and getting physical checkups, we can stay in top running form.

To have a strong, pulsing life force—the heart—we need sufficient vitamin A. If a person is not getting enough of this important vitamin, there will be a short somewhere in the circuitry, and he or she will possibly develop a heart ailment (even though most heart problems are Fixed Cross in origin). Insufficient vitamin A can cause a variety of heart ailments, such as angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure.

The Sun also rules magnesium, found in abundance in most green plants. The Sun, chlorophyl and magnesium have a direct chemical relationship: without the Sun, no chlorophyl and no magnesium. And magnesium is found in such quantity within the body that we cannot live long without it. With insufficient magnesium a long list of ailments can manifest: in fact, with too little magnesium death is inevitable.

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