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In Ray's natal chart Gemini is rising with Saturn conjunct the Ascendant. This configuration may have something to do with Ray's having four kidneys: data is too scanty at this time to make generalized conjecture.

The chart shows some very highly aspected planets. The Moon and Jupiter both have four hard aspects, a high number that needed to be examined closely to determine any probable deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. For instance, potassium (Moon) has a great deal to do with the heart and the regularity of its beat; and Jupiter rules cholesterol, normally the substance that clogs up the arteries in arterial sclerosis. The Moon plays an especially prominent part in Ray's chart, which contains a yod consisting of the Moon inconjunct Venus and Saturn. I would say that in this case the Moon made Ray too much a creature of habit in terms of food.

Moreover, Ray's Venus is in Leo, in direct opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius — a configuration that also probably influenced his tastes in food: he liked fats, and although he did not normally eat a lot of sweets, according to Meg, he put sugar on some strange combinations—such as vegetable stew, A high starch diet coupled with fat is bound to cause trouble, Meg had tried to change Ray's unhealthy diet in the past but to no avail: Ray liked what he liked (Venus and Moon), and he wasn't too crazy about trying new dishes (Saturn).

In addition, Mercury has three hard aspects to it in Ray's natal chart. Mercury conjunct Neptune, although not prominent on an angle, warns the medical astrologer that misdiagnosis is possible. And this configuration plus the other hard aspects of Mercury indicates deficiencies in much of the vitamin B complex. So, I was not surprised that Ray had had Bell's palsy, which, according to most health sources, can be erradicated with thiamine (Mercury) and the rest of the B complex.

Next I examined the lineup of outer planets in relation to his ailments.

Saturn in Gemini: This placement can mean that nerves may tremble from lack of calcium to feed the nervous system. It can also signify lung congestion: at an early age Ray had had many bouts with colds and sniffles, up until the time his tonsils were removed at age 23. Finally, Saturn in Gemini can indicate constriction of some tube in the body or partial blockage by either a stone or other sedimentary waste such as cholesterol, of a small opening. The key to Ray's condition was the arterial blockage by plaque. Jupiter with four aspects indicates problems with the arteries instead of the veins (Venus).

Uranus in Aquarius (retrograde): This configuration may indicate neural degeneration related to diseases of the muscles, nerves and spinal column. Ray, of course, had had Bell's palsy, a neural inflammation. But in this case I decided to also check out the opposite polarity, Uranus in Leo, to make sure there was no crossover of symptoms. Uranus in Leo can mean arrhythmia of the heart, spasmodic palpitations and sudden attacks of angina pectoris. Here was the crux of the problem: angina pectoris is caused by an insufficient supply of blood to the heart, and, if the arteries are constricted or clogged (Saturn in Gemini), a heart attack can take place.

Neptune in Cancer: This placement can signify weak peristalsis of the stomach during the digestion phase or diluted gastric juices. I decided that Neptune in Cancer was a contributing factor to Ray's condition because of the amount of fat he had consumed over 40 to 50 years: the gastric secretions or bile just couldn't break down and emulsify the amount of fat Ray consumed.

The Cross: I chose the Fixed Cross as the root of Ray's problems, partly because of his heart ailment and also because he had suffered hemorrhoid prob lems (Scorpio) and sore throats (Taurus) as well as had his tonsils removed.

Thus I recommended a diet considered best for individuals with strong Fixed Crosses in their charts—one high in fiber and roughage to make sure the colon creates strong, regular peristalsis, to discourage fecal buildup on the inner walls and to discourage toxicity in the bloodstream that might stress other organs or systems in the body. I also suggested that Ray consume meats in moderate amounts, eating very little beef, pork and lamb, instead substituting those meats with chicken, turkey, Cornish game hen and fish.

Other Information: Two critical degrees are in Ray's natal chart—Venus and Jupiter at 21 degrees of a fixed sign—and they were intrinsically involved with his ailments.



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