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Steve's chart has Neptune on the Ascendant. This placement always makes me suspicious that misdiagnosis has occurred. 1 did not feel that Steve was retarded: he appeared to be an exceptionally bright and alert child. And his case had certainly fooled the entourage of specialists—psychologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists and other doctors—who had seen Steve over the years.

I checked the aspects to Neptune out carefully. Neptune is inconjunct Saturn, a classic configuration in medical astrology, indicating a bodily weakness or viral or bacterial infections: he had yearly allergies. Venus is also inconjunct Neptune, but I did not feel he was suffering from a blood problem as much as a sugar problem: a craving for sweets usually indicates a deficiency of thiamine, and that vitamin's ruler, Mercury, has four hard aspects to it in Steve's natal chart.

With Pluto on the Midheaven opposite Steve's natal Sun I wanted to check out the endocrine functions against Steve's symptomology. I felt the thyroid could be in question since Mercury is conjunct the Moon, meaning that emotional stress might throw the gland out of normal functioning. I also considered the adrenal glands because Mars has it—square Mercury and the Moon: unrelieved tension can eventually cause adrenal exhaustion. And because he seemed small for his age I thought perhaps he should get a parathyroid test to check his assimilation of calcium: Saturn has three hard aspects to it—conjunct Venus, inconjunct Neptune and inconjunct Pluto.

Since Steve has a strong polarity between Aries and Libra, I felt that perhaps blood was not circulating within his brain as it should. With Mars in the First House and two planets in Libra I also thought there might be acidosis; people freqently get high strung when they are overacidic.

Next 1 examined the sign placements of the outer planets.

Saturn in Aries This placement can mean constriction or lack of blood to the head; it suggests apparent apathy, listlessness or dullness from a lack of blood supply to the brain. Although I did not feel Steve was retarded, I thought that there might be some problem originating in the brain. I just didn't know what.

Uranus in Libra (retrograde): This placement





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