The Natal Chart Figure

After doing extensive research on Raynaud's disease I compared the symptoms with Anne's chart. I felt that nerves were the main reason for Anne's bouts with the disease. Gemini on the Ascendant and both her Sun and Mercury in Gemini in the Twelfth House give ample cause for Raynaud's disease. Moreover, Anne's natal Moon has four hard aspects, all of which certainly help heighten her emotions, which if repressed could manifest in the form of nervous irritation. Probably the most significant of these aspects is the Moon square Saturn, suggesting blocked emotions and subsequent constriction of the arteries. Although with the Moon in Aquarius and Saturn in Scorpio Anne is emotionally strong, able to withstand emotional duress for many years, her stored-up emotions needed to be released—in this instance in a negative way in the form of disease.

I do not usually include Mars in my final analysis because many times that planet is not implicated in the ailment, even though I check it out as a matter of habit. But in Anne's case I felt that the placement of Mars was a contributing factor to her problem. Her natal chart has Mars in Cancer, a combination that can indicate ulcers or a sensitive stomach: the walls of the stomach may be irritable or prone to inflammation from spicy foods, and vomiting may occur from emotional stress. Mars in Cancer normally means the stomach holds large amounts of acidity or excess hydrochloric acid, which can make an individual very nervous and jumpy. With Venus and Pluto also in Cancer, by polarity implicating the gallbladder, I wanted to make sure Anne was getting enough bile into the duodenum to emulsify fats to insure no plaque buildup occurring in the veins or arteries to aggravate her condition.

Next I examined the placements of the outer planets.

Saturn in Scorpio (retrograde): This placement can mean poor peristalsis, resulting in constipation; caking of fecal matter on the walls of the large intestine; and toxemia, potentially affecting the thyroid, heart, throat and back. For many years Anne had suffered from constipation before she had had the good sense to straighten out her diet. And she was still experiencing pains in the chest, had had a tonsilectomy and suffered from dizziness—all of which can be by-products of a sluggish colon.

Neptune in Leo: This configuration can signify a weak heart, low blood pressure from sluggish activity of the heart, a weak back and commensurate problems. Anne had the chest pains. She also had had some cervical vertabrae problems involving her neck and back earlier in life.

Uranus in Pisces: This placement can indicate spasmodic release of insulin from the pancreas because of emotional states, unpredictable sugar problems, foot deformity, cramping and spasm of the muscles in the feet. This description did not fit Anne's state of health: she did not appear to have any sugar problems—either through testing or symptoms. So, I looked at the opposite polarity, Uranus in Virgo, to double check. This placement can mean spasms and cramping in the intestinal tract, twisting and telescop ing of the bowels. This, I felt, was a better description of Anne's particular case, especially since she had had diarrhea and constipation earlier in life.

The Cross: I chose the Fixed Cross as the root of Anne's problems because her past medical conditions involved fixed signs for the most part.

Other Information: There are no critical degrees in Anne's chart. She has several fixed stars, but none that pertain to medical conditions.

The Progressed Chart (Figure 15)

In 1937 when Anne was 12, she had her tonsils removed. All of her childhood she had suffered from continual attacks of bronchitis and pneumonia as well as sinus drainage. Her doctor decided that perhaps these attacks could best be brought under control by removal of the tonsils. At that time progressed Uranus was conjunct natal Admetos, progressed Pluto was conjunct natal Transpluto and progressed Saturn was conjunct natal Neptune. These configurations indicate that Anne had been suffering from a long-term condition—with Saturn and Neptune involved probably a poisoning but a poisoning in terms of continued viral and bacterial infections.

In 1966 when Anne was 41, an operation was performed on her left leg to alleviate a problem with varicose veins. At that time progressed Uranus was conjunct natal Kronos, progressed Poseidon was conjunct natal Saturn, progressed Saturn was conjunct the natal Sun and progressed Vulcanus was conjunct natal Jupiter. Although none of these is a traditional operation axis, the presence of Saturn in these configurations indicates a chronic condition; the Vulcanus-Jupiter conjunction implies extensive and complete renovation; the Uranus-Kronos conjunction suggests a very competent surgeon made the operation a success; and Poseidon and Jupiter in these configurations hints that all will go well, as it did.

Anne had four children. At the first birth in 1957, when she was 32, the progressed Sun was conjunct natal Jupiter, the progressed Moon was conjunct natal Vulcanus and progressed Cupido was conjunct the natal Ascendant: these are all fairly




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common midpoint structures suggesting the birth of a child. Then at the second birth in 1958, when Anne was 33, the progressed Ascendant was conjunct natal Transpluto and progressed Zeus was conjunct natal Mercury: Zeus is very often present in birth situations, as is Transpluto, which embodies the psychological ramifications of the birth. At the third birth in 1961, when Anne was 36, progressed Pluto was conjunct natal Cupido, progressed Mars was conjunct the natal Midheaven and progressed Cupido was conjunct natal Uranus: Mars conjunct the Midheaven can mean many things, including a birth. Then at the fourth birth in 1964, when Anne was 37, progressed Poseidon was conjunct natal Zeus, progressed Venus was conjunct natal Saturn and progressed Neptune was conjunct natal Poseidon: the Uranian planets involved indicate an easy, uncomplicated birth.

The progressed chart also shows that Anne has three natal midpoint structures that could potentially affect her health at various times in her life.

Admetos/Hades-Neptune: This configuration can mean a chronic, hidden illness that may manifest. A disease is often hidden because of repressed emotions, such as anxiety, anger or frustration—emotions that need to be released to insure continued health. A planet progressing to Neptune could signal a release of such a backlog of emotions: a person could"blow up" verbally, take appropriate actions or manifest a physical illness.

Uranus /Pluto-Hades: Activation of this midpoint structure can indicate the sudden manifestation of an illness. Chronic disorders, such as anemia, and with a strongly aspected Pluto irregularly shaped red or white blood cells are also fairly common with this configuration, especially for Fixed Cross individuals. As far as I knew, Anne did not have such problems; however, a sudden flare-up of a condition was possible if a progressed planet conjuncted the Hades midpoint.

Jupiter/Hades-Pluto: Although there is no specific information available on this combination, I felt it could mean a chronic condition that might run rampant (Jupiter) or spread quickly, with the body unable to check its rapid progress. I felt that this configuration could be a secondary factor in making a



festering condition worse when it finally surfaced. Progressed Neptune had crossed this midpoint in August, about 3 Vi months before Anne consulted me, and I suspect that at the time her condition worsened she decided to give medical astrology a try.

The Transits

At the time 1 worked up Anne's Med-Scan she had already passed a crisis that had taken place in late July and early August of 1978. There were no pressing transits in November—at least from a health standpoint.


An eclipse occurred on September 16, within two degrees of Anne's natal Uranus in the Tenth House. The fallout date for it was December 16, 1978, indicating that an unusual event might take place. In this case, around the time of the fallout date Anne contacted me, and I was to play an important part in her career: Anne is a massotherapist and without the kind of help medical astrology afforded her she would have been unable to use her fingers and thus unable to earn an income.

Final Analysis

I recommended that Anne take moderate exercise to strengthen her heart muscle, I suggested a diet high in roughage and raw or nearly raw foods to get her intestines into a better working state, and I provided a list of supplements to be approved by her doctor—vitamins B-6, E and D, riboflavin and pantothenic acid to help her adrenal glands handle stress more efficiently and potassium to help alleviate her heart pain. Although I knew that an improved diet and supplementation could do much to alleviate Raynaud's disease, I indicated to Anne that the true cure lay in how she handled her emotional energies.


In February of 19791 received a call from Anne. No matter what supplements she took they gave her gas. It appeared that her gastric juices were weak

(Mars in Cancer). I suggested she talk to her doctor about some enzyme tablets to help digestion: whenever there is poor digestion, the medical astrologer with the approval of the attending physician should consider hydrochloric acid, pancreatic enzymes or bile or lecithin tablets to break down the food.

Anne also had gas from the yogurt she had been eating; so, at my suggestion she switched to acidophilus tablets, which seemed to help a great deal. She needed the good bacteria that yogurt or acidophilus tablets provide for various vitamins to be synthesized in her large intestines.

In April of 1979 she wrote: "I feel better following the diet, even though there are times I go off the diet (only occasionally). I've lost five to ten pounds of weight and generally have more energy, less depression and fewer pains around the heart. I'm greatly improved."

I felt the pains around the heart were from a deficiency of potassium. Since any type of synthetic potassium can cause problems in the gastric system for many people, we worked up a program whereby she was able to get more natural potassium from food instead of supplements. If potassium is deficient, the intestines can be immobilized, halting peristalsis and resulting in constipation.

The Raynaud's disease continues in a state of remission. She now takes an herbal formula containing ginger, golden seal and capsicum, as well as a supplement of vitamin E—all of which helps increase the circulation throughout her body. Since she has Mars in Cancer, indicating an ultrasensitive stomach lining, I was hesitant about suggesting the capsicum (red pepper). But Anne began by taking small amounts with her food, gradually increasing the amount until the problem was overcome: capsicum is extremely helpful in increasing circulation.

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