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Since Bonnie had an abnormal white blood cell count, I first checked out Pluto, which rules any type of abnormality, especially of the blood. Pluto has three hard aspects, the highest number of any of the planets in her natal chart. With Pluto in Leo with those hard aspects her heart murmur was no surprise. Neither was it a surprise that she had had cancer: the few charts I have on this disease usually show fixed signs on the angles plus strongly accented Pluto and Saturn in the chart to characterize long-term, abnormal changes taking place in the body. Bonnie's chart shows Pluto square Saturn, a hard aspect that often signifies a potential ailment.

I did not feel that the spleen, ruled by Neptune, was the root cause of Bonnie's leukopenia: Neptune seemed minimally involved with only one hard aspect to Venus in Sagittarius. Instead, after doing hours of research on this ailment I became convinced that the problem involved the bone marrow, ruled by Cancer. Although she has no planets in that sign, by polarity she has the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn. Further more, bone is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is conjunct Jupiter and square Pluto in Bonnie's natal chart. If at any time Bonnie had told me that the doctors were going to remove her spleen, I would have argued strongly against the operation, instead urging her doctors to check out the bone marrow as the cause first: fortunately, I never had to argue my case.

Next, because of all her throat and thyroid problems, 1 examined the planets in Taurus and Scorpio, feeling those signs were probably involved. Bonnie's chart shows three planets in Taurus in the Sixth House, the house of health. Probably contributing most heavily to her thyroid problems is Uranus in Taurus retrograde, a configuration that indicates a spasm in the thyroid gland that causes the thyroid to go from normal to either hyper or hypo: stress may :ause it to malfunction; colon stasis can also con-xibute to the problem. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunción in Taurus also indicates that the thyroid will lypofunction, especially with Saturn also retrograde, n addition, Bonnie has Mars in Scorpio on the Vscendant in opposition to Uranus, a configuration ontributing to her throat and thyroid problems as well as involving the female organs, which had been cancerous.

Bonnie's natal Moon in Aries has no hard aspects to it. But through the years I have found that a planet with no aspects can be implicated in health problems. So, I felt the Moon was also involved in her female complaints.

All four of Bonnie's outer planets are retrograde, an unusual number for one chart. And each of those retrograde planets had played major parts in Bonnie's ailments. As I've indicated, Saturn and Uranus both contributed to her thyroid problems. In addition, she has Neptune in Virgo retrograde, signifying weak intestinal peristalsis: in other words, food stays longer in the intestinal tract, causing toxins to be reabsorbed through the walls, poisoning an individual and producing toxemia.

The Cross: There was no question in my mind that the Fixed Cross was the root of Bonnie's problems. She had fixed signs on the angles and five planets in Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. But it was not the number of planets in fixed signs that convinced me to choose the Fixed Cross; rather, heart, thyroid,



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throat, uterine and constipation problems are all indicative of illnesses implicating the Fixed Cross.

Other Information: The fixed star Zanrak is conjunct Bonnie's natal Uranus: Zanrak is said to represent long, draining illnesses and a difficult life.

The Progressed Chart (Figure 12)

In Bonnie's natal chart Hades sits at the midpoint of Saturn and Neptune, a powerful configuration representing wasting diseases of the body, poor immuity against viral and bacterial complaints and a potentially malfunctioning thymus. This midpoint structure had been very crucial in Bonnie's life. For intance, when Bonnie was four years old, Admetos and then nine months later the progressed Sun went over this position. At that time the leukopenia state began—an insidious ailment that was not detected until many years later.

Another important midpoint structure in Bonnie's chart is Neptune + Transpluto-Mars. This picture also hints at an unknown disease inflicting damage. In fact, Transpluto has appeared on a continual basis in Bonnie's chart over the years.

Moreover, natal Mars is opposite Admetos and the Sun on the 90-degree dial, a configuration that indicates subtle conditions of great seriousness remaining hidden for quite some time.

In 1959 when Bonnie was JS, she had her first child. At that time progressed Mars was conjunct natal Vulcanus/Venus—a birth configuration. Progressed Vulcanus/Venus was conjunct the natal Node/Poseidon, a picture that indicates that the birth will go smoothly. The progressed Sun was conjunct natal Transpluto: having this baby apparently changed the entire course of Bonnie's life. Progressed Hades was conjunct natal Jupiter, a configuration that would normally hint at birth complications, except that Poseidon was being activated at the same time. And progressed Jupiter was conjunct the natal Ascendant, another picture suggesting an easy birth, one that Bonnie was very happy about.

In 1962 when Bonnie was 21, she had her second child. At that time progressed Vulcanus/Venus was conjunct natal Mercury, a configuration indicating possible news about the birth. Progressed Admetos was conjunct natal Jupiter, a picture that suggests

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