The Medical Questionnaire

For the Med-Scan technique to be successful a medical astrologer must first find out all he or she can about a client's present symptoms, medical history and eating, drinking and smoking habits as well as determine what drugs and/or nutritional supplements the person is taking. One of the best methods for gathering this information is a systematic questionnaire. Figure 1 reproduces an abbreviated form of a questionnaire I use with my clients. In addition, I am providing an explanation for each of the questions to show how the questionnaire can help in ascertaining the root problems of a person's health.

Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

One of the main home remedies that you need to follow to prevent gallstones is a healthy lifestyle. You need to maintain a healthy body weight to prevent gallstones. The following are the best home remedies that will help you to treat and prevent gallstones.

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