Tenth House

People with planets in the Tenth House are usually very susceptible to societal pressures. These people often aspire to be at the top so that their parents, friends or colleagues will be accepting and proud of them. At the same time parents of Tenth House individuals may cajole their children into believing that the only way to be accepted is to follow the norms established by society.

With such pressures from parents, peer groups and society in general Tenth House individuals may put their bodies under great stress. They may bow to society's demands and work 12 to 16 hours a day to make something of themselves—establishing a home with a spouse and two children or climbing up the corporate ladder. They may not know the meaning of the words relaxation and vacation and may not give their bodies proper time to regroup for the next push. Some Tenth House people after being laden with 18 years of conditioning at home may work hard for peer recognition, encountering much frustration in their searches for popularity. The worries, internal pressures and incessant drives to work harder may produce chronic ailments that will manifest in the middle years. Only with age, when such people realize that they want to work toward specific goals for themselves and not for parents or society, will health tend to improve.

Neptune within eight degrees of the Tenth House cusp of the natal chart can indicate a drug-sensitive individual.

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