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This is a standard thyroid test, a simple blood test to determine whether or not the thyroid gland is hyper, hypo or normal. Although this test is accurate, it may not give the full picture about an ailing thyroid. If a person registers "high normal," the thyroid is slightly hyper; if "low normal," the thyroid is slightly hypo. In many instances a person who is very sensitive to bodily functions doesn't need to be "out" completely to have all the symptoms and backlash of a malfunctioning gland.

This test, or one similar to it, should be given to all newborn infants. In Canada it's a law that such a test be performed to determine that an infant does not have a hypothyroid that could lead to cretinism. If a woman has just delivered a baby, she should request the test. No mother wants retardation of her child a year after birth because a simple blood test was not performed.

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