Synthetic Forms

Selenium dioxide. .■■■■■■■■■<.


Vegetables: Mushrooms, broccoli, onions and tomatoes.

Fruits and Nuts: Unknown,

Meat and Fish: Tuna and most seafoods.

Grains: Cereals, bran and wheat germ.

Dairy Products: Milk and eggs.

Herbs: The distribution of the nutrient in the soil often dictates what plants will have extra selenium; however, there are four herbs found in the western states that draw up selenium in enough parts per million to be deadly to humans and animals: astragalus (vetch), oonopsis (golden weed), stanleya (prince's plume) and xylorrhiza (woody aster). A variety of vetch known as Astragalus motlissimus (purple or wooly locoweed) is sometimes used as a homeopathic remedy; it is not recommended that an herbalist use this preparation as an herb or tincture involving the leaves and stems. Garlic is also a source of selenium.

Natural Supplements: Kelp and yeast.

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