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Uranus in hard aspect with the Sun always indicates that a spasm condition may be present, with the constriction usually taking place when a person is under stress. At such times, an individual will probably need one of the vitamins or minerals ruled by the Sun.

For example, there may be a sporadic need of

vitamin A because of stressful conditions. At one calcium. True to Neptune's nature to disguise things, w time, the person may be tested for a deficiency of the illness may seem to be a hypoparathyroid condi- nj vitamin A and not have one; six months later, a defi- tion (tetany) when it is not. di ciency may exist. Such a situation can lead to In addition, there can be problems with the perplexity and frustration. There is also speculation assimilation of vitamin D and iodine. For instance, St that sudden, unexpected stress can drain the body of mineral oil (Neptune), if taken in immoderate ti< vitamin D reserves. dosages, may be robbing the body of vitamin D. be In addition, when the body is placed under sud- There is also speculation that iodine poisoning is nc den, stressful situations, heavy iodine usage may be possible if Saturn is in hard aspect. Or the thyroid re required. There is conjecture that such lack of iodine may be the root cause of a condition that is seemingly may induce polio. Or, if the Sun or Uranus is found undiagnosable, especially if either the Sun or Nep- Si in Taurus or Scorpio, a spastic thyroid condtion is tune is in Taurus or Scorpio, with an attending hard possible: the gland may go either hyper or hypo, aspect from Pluto. di depending upon the nature of the stress and of the in- Whenever Neptune is prominent in a natal chart, le: dividual. especially conjunct the Sun, an individual is likely to ci There may also be sporadic needs for higher be sensitive to drugs and perhaps should receive only th dosages of magnesium when one is under sudden, Vi the normal dosage of any medication. Moreover, ca unexpected stress. With a hard aspect from Saturn hormones used as drugs, such as thyroxine or thyroid th and insufficient magnesium epilepsy may be suspect. supplements, may upset the magnesium serum levels, re If Jupiter is also implicated, then there could be a causing insomnia and deficiencies of magnesium and at probable deficiency of vitamin B-6 (Jupiter) as well. pantothenic acid (Neptune). Drugs in general may ly Finally, since Uranus rules Aquarius a hard retard magnesium assimilation. sc aspect with the Sun could indicate glaucoma, Finally, with hard aspects from Saturn or Pluto hi cataract problems or retina ailments involving the and especially if the sign Taurus or Scorpio is inrods and cones of the eyes. Ingestion of too much volved, there is the possibility of such problems as preprocessed food and not enough raw fruits and cancer of the throat, colon, bladder or prostate M vegetables or fiber can clog up the colon—the root gland, cause of many eye problems. I want to emphasize that any discussion of the ci probable causes of cancer in this book is strictly th

Sun-Neptune speculative, and no one configuration in any way im- Si

Anytime these two planets are in hard aspect plies that a person will get cancer. Research is sparse pi there may be poor vitality, frail health, bodily on this ailment. If cancer is suspect, a physician hf weakness and prolonged healing time. Infections, should be consulted. m continual colds, flu and swollen lymph glands in the < nf neck, under the arms or near the groin are all pro- Sun-Pluto th bable. Furthermore, earaches involving the eustachian With a hard aspect between the Sun and Pluto, st tubes may occur, especially if one of the planets is in especially with Pluto conjunct the Sun, there may be tr:

Aries or Gemini with a hard aspect from Saturn. severe deficiencies of vitamins A and D as well as the 01

A hard aspect between the Sun and Neptune minerals iodine and magnesium. A medical astro- fi<

may result in a malfunctioning thymus, especially loger should elicit symptoms or have a client undergo di during childhood. Although the body may probably tests to find out which deficiencies exist. m never be strong and vital, adequate amounts of If there is too little vitamin A, there can be sinus h;

vitamin A can insure fewer secondary acute types of or catarrhal conditions or ureter, vaginal or anus pi illnesses usually present in children. infections—all diseases under the domain of Scorpio,

A configuration between these two planets can ruled by Pluto. Poor intestinal flora, gas, colitis and gi also result in poor usage of calcium (Saturn). diverticulosis may also result with too little vitamin te

Without adequate amounts of vitamin D calcium will A. th not be fairly dispensed throughout the body, and a If iodine is lacking and either the Sun or Pluto is deficiency will develop. The problem may originate in Taurus or Scorpio, with a hard aspect from M

in the duodenum, where low blood calcium or lack of Saturn, a potentially severe hypothyroid condition is calcium assimilation can take place and bring on possible—perhaps even cretinism. On the other hand, ai muscle cramping, lack of muscle tone, an infant's in- a hard aspect from Mars or Uranus may indicate a ti>

ability to walk until much later, insomnia, inability severe hyperthyroid if the Sun or Pluto is in Taurus C

to sleep soundly, soft bones and teeth, forgetfulness or Scorpio. ai and many other symptoms of a deficiency of A shortage of magnesium can indicate problems A

with the prostate gland. And if there is an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn, urinary and/or bladder problems caused by calcium deposits may result.

Finally, a Sun-Pluto conjunction is much like a Sun-Mars conjunction. A person with this configuration in a natal chart tends to push to the limits of the body's endurance. Health impairment comes from not recognizing that the body needs periods of recuperation.


The most likely hard aspect between the Ascendant and any planet or luminary to cause health problems is a conjunction. Very few medical problems occur when the Sun is conjunct the Ascendant, unless the Sun has three or more hard aspects to it: in that case, the sign the Sun is posited in can indicate where the ailments are likely to be found. Since the Sun represents the body, a conjunction between the Sun and the Ascendant may mean health problems or bodily weakness that will never be normalized. This person must pamper his or her fragile body to keep healthy.


With a hard aspect between the Moon and Mercury a person may show a propensity toward any of the diseases caused by a lack of thiamine (Mercury). Since the Moon's sign, Cancer, rules the digestive processes in the stomach, hydrochloric acid, which helps to break down the food components properly, may be missing, particularly if Saturn is in Cancer in negative aspect to Mercury. A deficiency of thiamine, can also cause gastric atony, wherein the stomach muscles become weak and flabby, contributing to poor digestion. And the liver, ruled by one of Mercury's signs, Virgo, can suffer from insufficient thiamine. The liver may not be able to produce the coenzymes necessary in the carbohydrate metabolism, a problem that might result in hypoglycemia if Jupiter and/or Saturn is also in the picture.

Since the Moon rules potassium and Virgo guides the small intestine, there is a possibility of tendencies toward constipation because of a lack of the mineral.

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