This midpoint structure can indicate lowered vitality. A person may be prone to infections of a viral or bacterial strain as well as liable to have adverse reactions to drugs, experience an overdose of drugs or contract allergies from drugs. Ilnesses may be continually misdiagnosed. The thymus gland should be checked: it may be hypo functioning, causing lowered resistance to infections, especially in newborn infants and young children. An individual with this configuration in a chart may have acute fevers and is likely to catch any "bug," such as the flu, that is around. He or she may be especially susceptible to illness in winter and spring. A warm, dry climate is probably best for good health. Progressed Saturn in the picture may indicate poisoning from a metal source as well as fatigue and malaise; progressed Pluto may indicate blood disorders, such as anemia; progressed Admetos conjunct the midpoint could show the seed of a chronic disorder coming to light or just beginning; progressed Hades could indicate a severe worsening of a condition and perhaps crisis.

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