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can mean the kidneys work intermittently or urea is not completely filtered out of the blood. Although Steve exhibited no bladder or kidney infections, I had worked on cases before where infections were not in evidence but toxins affected the body in different areas and ways. I wondered how toxins could affect the brain.

Neptune in Scorpio tretrograde): This placement can signify a weakened colon, a toxic condition or a hypothyroid condition. As several factors in Steve's chart show, he had a toxin or toxins in his body. But where and in what way were they manifesting to help bring on Steve's behavior?

The Cross: The bulk of Steve's problems were connected with the Mutable Cross. For instance, the planets in Pisces indicate an extreme sensitivity to any products with chemicals in them. Furthermore, sugar consumption in any form would not help the pancreas, ruled by Virgo, do a proper job of utilizing carbohydrates. Although with planets in Aries and Scorpio and Mars in the First House Steve would always need some meat, the best diet for him is one rich in fruits and vegetables that can be eaten raw or lightly steamed. Also good for him are whole grains, such as hot oatmeal or wheat cereals and whole-grain breads, perhaps placed in soups to entice him to eat them. In other words, I realized he needed a diet just the opposite of what he was used to. By eating almost a solely meat and starch diet, a diet for Fixed and Cardinal Cross individuals, Steve was going against the dictates of his bodily requirements. As a result he had acidosis and was extremely nervous and tense.

The Progressed Chart (Figures 21 and 22)

When Steve was between the ages of two and two and a half, his chart was hit with several progressed aspects.

The progressed Node conjunct natal Uranus: Although nodal connections are still a mystery to most medical astrologers, I felt this configuration could have meant the sudden loss or addition of something.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct natal Vulcanus: In this configuration the expansive sweep of Jupiter and the almost cosmic, catalytic intervention of Vulcanus are coupled. This overwhelming duo obviously had



affected Steve on some mental, emotional or psychological level, causing some kind of buildup of negative emotions that had done damage to his psyche.

Progressed Saturn conjunct natal Venus: I wondered if there had been some traumatic emotional experience that had occurred simultaneously with this progression. Had affection or love been denied?

The progressed Moon conjunct the natal Midheaven: This was a strong medical configuration but one that still indicated an emotional trauma.

Progressed Neptune conjunct the natal Ascendant: Once again Neptune was in the picture, clouding the facts concerning this case.

The progressed Midheaven conjunct natal Mars: This configuration indicated that Steve was the target of the trauma, so to speak.

Progressed Pluto conjunct the natal Sun: This configuration indicated an endocrine imbalance as well as a shattering transformation on the physical and emotional levels.

Progressed Kronos conjunct natal Mercury: This progression suggested that adult intervention or an authoritarian method had to be initiated to keep Steve from totally losing control.

All of these progressions occurring within a six-month period indicated that Steve had experienced a great phsyical change plus a change in personality and behavior.

Next I looked at the midpoint structures, noticing that one of the stronger trees involved Uranus.

Vu/Ap-Ur. This configuration can point to a possible "short-circuiting," perhaps an accident, taking place on two or more levels at once, such as the physical and emotional levels.

Sa/Ze-Ur: This picture can indicate that damage may have occurred at delivery time. Uranus is opposite Hades. Therefore, anytime a planet progressed to this midpoint structure, Steve would probably react explosively,

Sa/Ne-Su: This is a classic medical tree, suggesting a tendency to bodily weakness, poor health and viral or bacterial infections.

Steve's transits are most interesting for the time he was two years old. Transiting Saturn was in opposition to his natal Uranus in June 1971, indicating something may have developed in his body to trigger his hyperactive behavior. Transiting Neptune was conjunct his Ascendant in retrograde motion, indicating further confusion or perhaps an infection or bacterial problem. And transiting Jupiter was conjunct his Neptune in the Twelfth House. Jupiter in the Twelfth House normally has the effect of a kind of guardian angel but not in this case: it only compounded the problem.


In February 1971 when Steve's crisis began, an eclipse conjuncted his natal Mercury within one degree, indicating that perhaps there was a functional brain disturbance or something affecting his speech development. When I saw him, there was an eclipse conjunct his natal Jupiter within three degrees of orb, perhaps indicating that progress was going to be made.

Final Analysis

There was no doubt in my mind that a toxic condition existed in Steve's body, but I was not well enough acquainted with viral ailments to make a clear-cut decision on what was causing the poison. 1 suggested the following supplements to Joyce so that she could discuss their implementation with her doctor: thiamine, vitamin E, vitamin C, riboflavin, vitamin B-12, vitamin A, vitamin D, pantothenic acid and zinc. I felt Steve should get the B vitamins through brewer's yeast so that he would not have to take a handful of pills everyday. And I told Joyce to mix all of the nutrients in a blender with orange juice and a banana to mask the taste. I also urged Joyce to talk over an alkaline diet with her doctor to try to rebalance Steve's metabolism. In addition, we discussed Dr. Feingold's diet for hyperactive

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