Sixth House

Although the Sixth House is one of the two well-known health houses, people with planets in this house generally have a lack of self-esteem, and they tend to gravitate toward stronger, more confident individuals. In doing so they may succumb to other people's needs, ignoring their own. Therein lie the seeds of destructive ailments.

Sixth House individuals too often are plagued by guilt—one of the most vicious emotions that humans have acquired. Other people—spouses, children, relatives or friends—tend to make such individuals feel guilty because they have not become involved with the desires of others. If they don't help others, Sixth House people believe, others will think less of them. But, of course, the price they pay for the approval of others is often sickness—a hefty payment for ignoring their own needs. If these people continue to bow to the needs of others before their own, nerve-related ailments, sugar problems and intestinal disorders will crop up with frequency.

For good health Sixth House individuals should come to terms with what guilt is, what it does if allowed to continue and how to cope with it. The word no is a healthy rejoinder for Sixth House people to use frequently. Learning to work for themselves first and then making the choice to help others second will keep them in good states of health,

Neptune in the Sixth House, especially if in hard aspect to other planets, may indicate allergic reactions to drugs. Such individuals should probably receive half dosages of any medication, at least at first.

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