Seventh House

People with planets in the Seventh House often feel as though they can never stand on their own two feet to accomplish anything; consequently, they may follow the leads of their partners. Such compromise can become a negative attribute. Although the need to be partners with others is all right in and of itself, bowing to the needs of the spouses or business partners can become very frustrating, perhaps leading to poor health. These Seventh House individuals may give up their self-identification and personal needs to help their "other halves." In time the need to be themselves will arise and create emotional and mental stress.

Some Seventh House individuals work better in teams and not as individuals: there is nothing wrong with such cooperation. But the reasons for the partnerships should be minutely examined. Seventh House people many times take on partners for reasons of insecurity, lack of confidence in themselves or the fear of living their own lives. None of these are healthy reasons, and a little psychology and honesty may be needed to change the situation.

This particular house tends to place the cruelest test upon the body. Individuals with planets in the Eighth House tend to be psychologically intense and complicated. Those deep, psychological ramifications may deteriorate physical health. With such people emotional scarring tends to be internalized, hidden in the dark vaults of the subconscious. Under such circumstances it takes years for bodies to give out; but when they do, they usually succumb to chronic ailments—a long time developing and a long time healing—around the ages of from 42 to 49 years old.

In addition, Eighth House people often have burning needs to purge themselves of some past emotions or memories and brutally punish their bodies in doing so. They can also be expected to undergo transformations at some points in their lives—the experiencing of pain to move over thresholds or suffering to transcend emotional suppression.

Finally, because of hidden emotional insecurity, these people many times will push the hardest to attain success: they may spend 12 to 16 hours a day toward a business goal. Such psychological problems inevitably take their toll and although these people have the strength of ten to persevere and survive, their bodies may crack.

Psychological counseling, therapy or psychiatry are usually the best means of helping Eighth House individuals to open up their subconscious. There is very little else that can be done for people with planets in this position, since they tend to be highly introverted and inflexible in their beliefs. Perhaps they need to wrestle silently within their own internal structures to work problems out.

Ninth House

Because this house has to do with higher ideals, beliefs and philosophies, people with planets in this house are among the least likely individuals to have health problems. One's faith in God, some supreme force or onself can overcome even the most severe disease upon occasion: faith heals and mends on mental, emotional and physical levels. However, a negative attitude can bring on health ailments sooner or later. We are what we think, and if we think ill we will become ill. . ,f:..,

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