Serum Creatinine Test

This is an index of renal function sensitive to early renal damage. The creatinine clearance test not only detects early kidney damage but is useful in monitoring the course of renal disease. Between the BUN and

Tor a test on the endocrine glands, though, it might be best to consult an endocrinologist because most doctors have little knowledge in that area. That is not to say other doctors can't do the tests. A patient should ask a doctor if he or she is familiar with such tests as a 17-Ketosteroid test. If the doctor is and agrees to run it, the patient can have it done at that office.

the serum creatinine tests a doctor can have a good picture of how the entire renal system is operating.

Liver Profile Test

This is a test that encompasses many other tests. It is chiefly used to ascertain the levels of bilirubin in the circulation: in cases of jaundice the bilirubin leaves the blood and moves into the tissue, turning the skin yellow. The test can also determine if there is blockage within the ducts of the liver or if there is injury to that organ from viruses, toxins, drugs or alcohol. Enzyme functions can also be tested. The serum protein test, a part of the profile, is an excellent test to determine liver disease in general.


Anyone with suspected heart ailments should have this test. The SGOT is elevated in certain heart, liver and skeletal diseases following myocardinal infarction, obstructive jaundice and muscular dystrophy.

Lipoprotein/Electrophoresis Tests

This particular group of tests helps determine some of the following conditions: tumor masses within the bone marrow {multiple myeloma), Hodgkin's disease, leukemic conditions, tuberculosis, brucellosis, collagen ailments such as rheumatoid athritis, hepatitis and liver diseases.

Total Lipid Test

This test determines the amount of cholesterol in the body. Elevated cholesterol levels, of course, contribute to coronary diseases. Other ailments, such as gallbladder obstruction and untreated diabetes mellitus, can also hike the amount of cholesterol in the blood. In addition, liver disease, kidney malfunction and thyroid and pancreatic dysfunction can raise the cholesterol levels. On the other hand, low cholesterol levels can be reflected in bad dietary habits, liver disease, hyperthyroidism, blood poisoning and anemia.

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