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Bones: Tuberosity of ischium, brim of pel and symphysis pubis.

Muscles: Cremasters, sphincter, levator penis, clitoris and sphincter of bladder. Arteries: Internal iliac. Veins: Spermatic, mesenteric, colic and hem< rhoidal.

Cell Salt: Calcarea sulphurica. Ruling over the prostate gland and t reproductive system, Scorpio's main function governing the colon. A well-functioning colon essential to good health. Since diets high in natui roughage and fiber have decreased during the twe tieth century, fecal matter cakes the walls of our i testines. As much as five to thirty pounds of old fee matter can be expelled during enemas or high coloni< this matter may have remained caked on t walls for upwards of five to fifteen years. It's logic to assume that the poisons contained in the feces w be reabsorbed through the walls and placed back ini the bloodstream to reinfect the person. Furthermor a toxemia may occur that can harm the organs, tissi and bones over a period of years as well as influent the quality of the blood, upset the metabolism and I responsible for placing a strain upon the heart as labors to circulate the tainted blood.

There is an old adage among medic, astrologers; Scorpio implicates diseases of the bac and heart (Leo), thyroid (Taurus) and ey« (Aquarius)—the other signs in the Fixed Cross. Th upshot is that cataracts or glaucoma, back aiiment or heart conditions may actually be caused by , malfunctioning colon.

Sun in Scorpio

This placement can indicate constipation hemorrhoids, diseases of the reproductive system o prostate gland and bladder infections.

Moon in Scorpio

The Moon in Scorpio can mean genitourinary complaints, cystitis, reproductive problems in women and hernial aneurysms.

Mercury in Scorpio

With this configuration there is the possibility of pains and disorders of the generative organs, the ureters, urethra, fallopian tubes or testicles. There may also be menstrual hemorrhaging and pain or spasms in the bladder.

can be a hypothyroid condition, weakened heart action, a high white blood cell count, anemia, weak female organs and poor or low sperm count.

Pluto in Scorpio

Tumors in the colon, chronic ailments of the prostate, reproductive system or colon, a severe heart condition, a weak thyroid or back disorders may all result from Pluto in Scorpio.

Venus in Scorpio

Venereal diseases, weakness of the bladder, womb disorders and problems connected with the vaginal passage or ovaries may occur with Venus in Scorpio.

Mars in Scorpio

This placement may result in urinary disorders, cystitis, inguinal and scrotal hernia, hemorrhoids, venereal ulcers—particularly in the throat region—and pains in the bladder. Moreover, there may be problems with menstrual flow, ovaries, vaginitis, hypertrophy of the prostate gland and inflammation of the prostate.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio may produce vaginitis, piles, urinary and seminal complaints, edema, tumors in the bladder or uterus and abcesses of the urethra.

Saturn in Scorpio

With Saturn in Scorpio there may be a variety of illnesses: colon stasis; poor peristalsis resulting in constipation; caking of fecal matter on the walls of the large intestine; toxemia, potentially affecting the thyroid, heart, throat and back; stones in the bladder; suppression of urine; small or undeveloped ovaries or testicles; problems in the birthing process; and a small womb or tipped uterus.

Uranus in Scorpio

Uranus in Scorpio may cause spasm of the colon, especially when there is emotional stress or the sudden onset of tension, creating constipation and then diarrhea. In addition, this placement may cause the thyroid to spasm, especially under stressful conditions. There may also be palpitations of the heart, pressure on the vertebrae of the back and back ailments, ailments. . ;

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