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Saturn in hard aspect with Pluto must be examined closely by the medical astrologer. Pluto and Saturn are like big brothers fighting for supremacy over one another: Pluto represents power; Saturn, tenacity and perseverance. When the two planets are in hard aspect, especially when they conjunct each other, a potential ailment is almost always implied.

A hard aspect between Saturn and Pluto can indicate possible chronic, long-term, degenerative diseases. For example, low white blood cell count (leukopenia) can occur. There also may be lack of growth from a deficiency of orotic acid (Pluto) as well as inherited orotic acid disorders. Since Saturn corules Aquarius with Uranus and Aquarius is thought to be the progenitor of multiple sclerosis, that degenerative disease may result from insufficient orotic acid if Mercury is also in hard aspect.

The glands may also be strongly affected. There may be sluggish endocrine glands in general as well as malfunctioning adrenals, thymus, pancreas, pituitary or parathyroid. Which gland is faulty will depend on the position of Pluto in a chart. If Pluto is in Cancer, the posterior pituitary gland may be hypoactive; if in Aries, the adrenal glands may be hypofunctioning. Whatever Pluto's position, the parathyroid is suspect of malfunctioning, but especially if Pluto is in Capricorn: a diseased parathyroid gland may be the root cause of a deficiency of calcium.

In addition, a severe deficiency of vitamin C, bioflavonoids or vitamin K may exist. A person with Saturn in hard aspect with Pluto in a natal chart may need large doses of vitamin C to maintain health, and insufficient amounts of the vitamin may make the individual highly susceptible to various bites and stings, especially if there is an accompanying deficiency of calcium. If either Pluto or Saturn is in Scorpio and Venus or the Moon is aspected, abortion or menstrual problems may result from lack of bioflavonoids. And poisons may destroy vitamin K.

Although it is doubtful that deficiencies will be found in PABA, fluorine, sulfur or vanadium when Saturn is in hard aspect with Pluto, tests should be conducted to determine if these substances are indeed lacking. There is some conjecture that with a Saturn-

Pluto hard aspect an abnormal amount of PABA may be needed for the body to function properly, A high requirement of fluorine for daily health maintenance is also possible in children: an adverse aspect between the two planets might indicate dental decay. (On the other hand, a trine aspect between Saturn and Pluto could mean too much fluorine, resulting in uncontrolled bone growth.) And the healing processes may be slowed from lack of sulfur. Insufficient sulfur can also cause amino acid interference, upsetting the protein metabolism. The synthesis of collagen may be partially inhibited, too. Moreover, with a hard aspect from Venus the skin may show effects of a deficiency of sulfur, as may the hair and fingernails.

An added hard aspect from Neptune hints that lead, cadmium, mercury or aluminum poisoning may occur—particularly to an infant with a hard aspect between Saturn and Pluto in a natal chart. Lead should be suspected first among the poisonous metals.

Finally, this configuration can indicate poor cell division caused by a deficiency of calcium.


With a hard aspect between Saturn and the Ascendant, especially a conjunction, bone, teeth and ear problems may manifest. There may also be a calcium deficiency that may be attributed to a sluggish parathyroid gland. And there is the potential for chronic diseases that take a long time to manifest, usually occurring between the ages of 28 and 30 or 42 and 45.


Since Uranus rules Aquarius, there may be spinal deterioration or weakness with a hard aspect from Saturn. There is also some speculation that to combat cancer of the spine there may be sporadic, abnormal needs of laetrile (Neptune) added to the diet during sudden, stressful periods in the life.

In addition, there may be sporadic needs for pantothenic acid (Neptune) because of sudden stress.

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