With this configuration bodily changes that tend to be irreversible may take place, such as changes in the blood or bones or hardening in organs, arteries or veins. A health crisis may occur.

This configuration can mean an illness that lingers, slow recuperation and health that deteriorates after the age of 30. With the progressed Moon at the midpoint abortion is possible.

Progressed Cupido at the midpoint may indicate a difficult delivery.


One's innate physical strength is limited with this midpoint structure. Endurance may be shortened.


The mental outlook of a person with this configuration in a chart may be negative or pessimistic. His or her moods may be easily influenced by surroundings: all efforts should be made to keep the environment bright and cheerful during convalescence.


This midpoint structure can indicate sterility or the inability to conceive a child without difficulty. The involvement of Cupido suggests birth but with complications or long labor. In addition, there may be ailments of the reproductive organs, such as atrophy of the ovaries.


With this configuration a person's emotions, such as suppressed anger or anxiety, may trigger ailments. A woman with this midpoint structure in her chart may have reproductive complaints in general.


Supressed emotional reactions may suddenly manifest in the form of an accident or injury with this midpoint structure, particularly if progressed Mars is at the midpoint.


A woman with this midpoint structure in her chart may have a weak reproductive system. Furthermore, she may become sick because she has a low threshold for anxiety, worry or environmental pressures: she probably cannot take a great deal of stress or her body will succumb to poor health. This configuration also hints at depression, insomnia and pessimism. A person will probably be ultrasensitive to surroundings and should be in a positive environment for best results.


Endocrine problems involving the pituitary or parathyroid glands may occur with this configuration. There may also be chronic problems or tumors in the reproductive organs. A person with this midpoint structure in a chart may tend to be gloomy and depressed, experiencing intense moods, such as melancholia or manic-depressive states.

The occurrence of this midpoint structure can indicate the death of a woman or a member of the family, especially if progressed Hades is at the midpoint. .


This configuration suggests an inability to conceive.


There may be an undetected blockage or stoppage in the body with this midpoint structure. An individual may harbor secret fears.


Chronic nerve-related ailments are possible with this midpoint structure. A person may be inwardly tense without manifesting the condition outwardly.


A person with this configuration in a chart may have a negative outlook that hinders the healing process: he or she may not have the ability to fight back against disease.


An individual with this midpoint structure in a chart may suffer from mental strain from overwork. He or she needs to learn to balance work and play more evenly,


This configuration can indicate an obsession with death or dying or a fear of death. On the positive side, an individual with this midpoint structure in a chart may have the ability to be a therapist or psychologist,


Sexual inhibitions are possible with this midpoint structure. There may also be low fertility or the inability to conceive.


This midpoint structure can mean long labor or problems during delivery, particularly if progressed Cupido is at the midpoint.


Reproductive infections are possible with this combination.


A person with this midpoint structure in a chart may be sterile or unable to conceive,


Progressed Cupido or Venus at the midpoint could indicate childbirth—but with long labor. Progressed Apollon at the midpoint may indicate com-plicatons during delivery.


Sudden, unexpected accident or injury requiring an operation may happen with the occurrence of this midpoint structure. There is the possibility of the loss of an arm or a leg. Progressed Cupido at the midpoint may indicate a Ceasarian section.


This is a major health axis. The body will probably be prone to infections, overdoses or side effects of drugs and slow recovery time. Chronic illness from toxic conditions in the body may result. Misdiagnosis is very possible.

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