Health complications in general may occur with this midpoint structure. With progressed Neptune at the midpoint diagnosis may be faulty: a doctor may find only one cause of an illness when there are really two causes; further testing may be necessary to discover the additional cause.

The worsening of an already chronic illness or a health crisis is possible with the occurrence of this midpoint structure.


There is the potential for injury or an unexpected accident with progressed Mars at the midpoint.


A person with this midpoint structure in a chart may be accident-prone because of impulsive, impetuous actions. Progressed Zeus at the midpoint could indicate wounds from firearms or burns.


The occurrence of this configuration could mark an excellent time for a successful operation with quick recuperation.


Nerve-related ailments are possible with this combination.


Misdiagnosed cases involving nerve ailments, convulsions or fits may occur with this midpoint structure. There may be weak nerves in general. A person may be unable to withstand strain or stress for a long period of time.


A marriage or birth may take place with the occurrence of this midpoint structure, particularly if progressed Venus, Zeus or Mars is at the midpoint.


Nerve disintegration or nervous disability is possible with this configuration.

This midpoint structure can indicate injuries from explosions, firearms or electricity if progressed Mars is at the midpoint.


Birth may occur with this combination, especial ly if progressed Mars, Zeus or Cupido is at the midpoint.

A woman with this configuration in her chart may expect easy labor and delivery. Delivery may be sooner than expected with progressed Mars at the midpoint.


A woman with this midpoint structure in her chart may experience a great deal of nervousness, perhaps from a lack of calcium (Saturn). Progressed Cupido at the midpoint could indicate complications during delivery.


This configuration can indicate a sudden change in glandular functions, particularly of the pituitary gland. Tests should be conducted to determine the cause of extreme nervousness.


Complications with delivery may result if progressed Saturn or Admetos is at the midpoint.

A person with this midpoint structure in a chart may experience a hidden nervous condition, inner tension or the inability to relax.


The occurrence of this midpoint structure may make a person highly excitable, a state that may cause accident or injury. Progressed Saturn at the midpoint may trigger a chronic nerve ailment.


An individual with this configuration in a chart may suffer from chronic nervous debility or a gradual destruction of nerve sheath fiber: the condition may worsen if progressed Hades is at the midpoint. This configuration can also indicate a health crisis.


A person with this midpoint structure in a chart may have a weak nervous system. He or she should avoid high-stress jobs or environments that will contribute to deterioration of the nerves. In addition, an individual may experience convulsions that come from an undetermined origin: a doctor may have problems in diagnosing the cause of the convulsions.

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