Recent Clinical Developments

Under the leadership of Professor Yakov Shpirt the Russians have conducted years of tests on pangamic acid. More than 1,000 patients have taken pangamic acid in experiments to test its validity. And the Russians have had stunning results in helping heart patients and autistic or minimally braindamaged children. Pangamic acid appears to help in a wide array of heart ailments, including angina (a disease characterized by attacks of choking and/or suffocation), coronary sclerosis (hardening of the coronary arteries), circulatory problems and cardiopulmonary insufficiencies.

As for the lungs, emphysema, cyanosis (discoloring of the skin from lack of oxygen) and bronchial asthma have all responded to dosages of from 120 to 160 milligrams in test cases.

Pangamic acid has also proved valuable in relieving disorders associated with alcoholism. For example, sufficient dosages of the vitamin have helped some alcoholics lose their cravings for liquor. And pangamic acid has aided certain liver ailments, such as cirrhosis and hepatitis, when they were discovered in their early stages of development.

Pangamic acid may become another alternative for treating some kinds of cancer as well. Dr. Felix Warburg suggests that when cells lose their oxygen because of a lack of pangamic acid they can metabolize differently and perhaps become malignant: one theory is that healthy cells need oxygen and those that are cancerous do not.

Damaged or injured muscles have also responded well to the administration of 300 milligrams of pangamic acid on successive days, and the vitamin has assisted in early healing of the muscles: when oxygen is plentiful, cells can carry on in their assigned tasks and speed up the healing process.

Finally—an interesting note—the United States equestrian team supplies pangamic acid to its jumpers.

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