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PABA is a curious component of the vitamin B complex. It seems most important for producing folic acid and then joining with folic acid to create pantothenic acid. Although clear symptoms of a deficiency of PABA do not appear, symptoms do surface if folic acid and pantothenic acid aren't synthesized.

PABA is used externally to treat a variety of skin problems. It's needed for healthy skin, and it provides a screen against sunburn. People who have received severe sunburns have also found that PABA ointment can relieve the pain of the burn. In addition, Adelle Davis feels that 300 milligrams of PABA, along with vitamin E, should be taken orally after each meal for sunburn.

Skin disorders such as eczema and lupus erythematous (any chronic, progressive, usually ulcerative skin disease that may or may not be tatal) also respond favorably to external applications of the vitamin in a cream form. In animal experiments a lack of PABA has caused dermatitis.

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