Progressions Transits and Eclipses

Finally, a medical astrologer should look at the dates of all progressions, transits and eclipses. These dates can help indicate the time of a health crisis, thereby giving a medical astrologer lead time to get a person into a healthy state before the progression, transit or eclipse worsens health. The dates of past progressions, transits and eclipses should also be examined to see if there is agreement between those dates and the onset of past illnesses.

A progressed chart, erected on the 90-degree dial, should be constructed to include the Uranian planets, which should then be progressed via solar arc. A medical astrologer should check to see if any progressed planets will conjunct natal planets. If so, the dates and appropriate comments should be noted. The dates that the progressions of the "malefic" planets will conjunct natal planets should be especially recorded. Then any progressed planets within six months of a 30-minute orb of a natal planet should be checked, with the dates recorded.

When examining transits in a 360-degree chart, a medical astrologer should especially scrutinize the transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to any natal planet or the First House cusp. Are they traversing the Sixth or Twelfth Houses? Are they conjunct or opposite natal planets in those houses? If so, the dates of the hard aspects should be noted: these times can be interpreted as periods of potential illness. And Saturn transiting over the Ascendant can indicate a time when a health problem may come to light.

In addition, the midpoint structures, otherwise known as "trees," should be checked out in the natal and progressed charts. Are there any health pictures? Are there any solar arc progressed planets hitting midpoints in any of these pictures? Transits over these midpoint structures should be examined and the times of conjunctions and oppositions for progressed and transiting planets recorded. The outer four planets as well as Mars are normally the most important in considering midpoint structures. (See Chapter Four.)

Then the eclipses should be checked. Do they hit malefic planets or occur in the Sixth or Twelfth Houses? Is so, the dates should be noted, with three months added to those times to get the fallout dates for when these eclipses will probably manifest into physical ailments.

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