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Since this book deals with health and the wellbeing of people, extreme caution is required in applying any of the "rules" in a blind or dogmatic way. The information of Part I should be used, at best, as an adjunct to the information available through other, more proven sources, such as going to your physcian, utilizing laboratory tests, diagnosis by a trained health practitioner such as an MD, ND, DO or DC. The information presented in this book is NOT meant to replace competent medical advice, but to perpetuate further research into the realm of medical astrology.

Recently, the rights to my book, Medical Astrology, have reverted back to me. I have been able to revamp the book and insert a chapter on Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies that was missing from the first two editions.

Since the book was printed in July of 1982, ten thousand copies have sold world wide. Much has happened between then and now—all good and positive things for medical astrology and the Med-Scan Technique ("MST")! First, in 1986 David Cochrane of Cosmic Patterns put the MST on a software program. It .has been selling at a steady rate, especially since it has been translated into Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Greek and Russian. Health practitioners from around the world utilize the method outlined in my book as a diagnostic tool. It has been very humbling to watch this technique evolve and become a viable entity within the medical community.

In November of 1990,1 was invited down to Sao Paulo, Brazil by Dr. Dirceu M. Periera, M.D. to speak at the International Federation of Human Reproduction conference on medical astrology. It was a first for me to speak to doctors and researchers from around the world about the viable usage of medical astrology in their search to help identify sterility and help women become pregnant. As a result, Dr. Periera awarded a diploma to me from the Federation in acknowledgement of the work I have done with medical astrology and for the MST. Needless to say, I was humbled.

Recently, Joyce Bowen of Chicago has been awarded a Ph.D. in Holistic Medicine with emphasis on Medical Astrology from The Union Institute—one of the most esteemed "universities without walls" in America. Joyce used Medical Astrology as the foundation of her thesis, as well as the MST, for her research project. I am proud of her and proud to be associated with such an open-minded academic school as The Union Institute. Medical astrology has nowhere to go but "up" as an undeniable diagnostic tool that will pinpoint areas to be tested. In doing so, it saves the patient pain and time—not to mention, money.

In the hospitals of Leningrad, Russia, the MST software is being utilized by physicians to help in patient diagnosis—especially in the areas of undiagnosible or hard-to-diagnose patients. My hope is that someday U.S. physicians might be so open minded as to utilize the software, for indeed, it does save the patient much discomfort, pain, as well as quickens the diagnostic process through invaluable information about where to test the body, utilizing medical astrology.

To make way for the chapters on Homeopathy, Bach Bower Remedies and Medical Transits, I have taken out the chapter on herbs and cell salts. I know of no medicine, other than Homeopathy, that can CURE, and this was the reason for placing this chapter into my book. There are small changes throughout the book from the Appendix information to new listings in the Glossary and additions to the Index. It is my hope that this updating of information will continue to help people who use this book around the world.

At one astrological conference a woman came up to me and grabbed my arm. "Your book saved my life," she said with fervor. Since this book has been in print, I have had more than fifty people tell me in person or write to me those same words. I can think of no finer accolade or accomplishment a book can make than this wonderful statement. I hope you enjoy the new Homeopathic and Bach Flower Remedies chapters, as well as astrological information that I have researched in relation to this curative system of medicine. Perhaps it, too, will save lives.

I would like to thank the following women who made this third edition a reality: Ardella Hecht, Marlene Johnson and Bonnie Bir-nam. Without their enthusiasm, constant help, typing and input, this work would not be available.

Cottonwood, Arizona

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