Physical Weak Spots

Once the vitamin and mineral deficiencies have been determined, a medical astrologer hunts for physical weak spots in the body—that is, possibilities of physical debility that are increased or modified depending upon hereditary, environment and dietary habits. The house and sign positions of Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and sometimes Pluto are especially important in ascertaining potential weak areas of the body. And if one of these planets is retrograde, a medical astrologer should pay special attention to it. A retrograde motion indicates that the planet and the sign it is in are probably more influential in terms of health than are the other planets that are direct. Moreover, if one of these planets goes retrograde during a person's lifetime, via secondary progressions, there is a chance that it will be implicated in the manifestation of a physical problem.

Following are the sign positions of the medical planets in the chart in Figure 2.

Mars in Leo: Ruling the heart, Leo can be implicated in such disorders as heart murmurs, rheumatic or scarlet fever, palpitations, a racing heart, pains in the chest and arms and a heart attack. Since this woman has had several of these ailments, the information should be written down. Moreover, the vitamins and minerals that Mars rules may play an important part in correcting some of these ailments. For instance, Mars rules iron, and too little iron can help produce anemia, which can cause the heart to work overtime to compensate. In the long run this situation could weaken the heart and perhaps shorten a life span.

Other factors in the chart can help pinpoint what this woman needs to aid her heart and keep it strong. For example, Mars conjunct Pluto hints that she has a larger-than-normal need for all Mars-ruled nutrients. Another mineral that helps the heart maintain its steady beat is potassium, and Mars is incon-junct the Moon, ruler of that nutrient. It is obvious at this point that the woman should undergo physician's tests to corroborate the findings that she probably needs such nutrients as vitamin B-12, iron and potassium.

Saturn in Cancer: Cancer rules the stomach and its numerous digestive phases plus the covering surrounding the liver. This woman had yellow jaundice (hepatitis, inflammation of the liver of a viral or toxic origin) at age nine. It took twelve years for the yellowish cast to disappear from her normally ruddy complexion. Thus this is probably an active health configuration in her chart.

Uranus in Gemini: This placement points toward possible spasms or constricture of the tubes of the body — i.e., the eustachian tubes of the ears, bronchial tubes of the lungs, ureter tubes that extend from the kidneys to the bladder, the fallopian tubes in a woman and the urethra tube from the bladder to the outside opening in the body and the cerebrospinal system. The lungs, arms and hands are also ruled by Gemini,

This is obviously an active health configuration in this chart. The woman suffered major ear infections as a child, had numerous lung and chest colds and had to have her tonsils removed at the age of one. Chest colds continued to plague her through young adulthood, and she had two bouts with pneumonia later in life. She also suffered constantly from cuts and bruises to her hands and arms. Later, when she had trouble with bladder infections, the urethra had to be stretched on four separate occasions to allow passage of the urine.

Neptune in Libra retrograde: Libra rules the eliminative organs, the kidneys. During her bout with scarlet fever, this woman sustained injury to the kidneys in the form of nephritis, an inflammatory condition. Thereafter, when under emotional stress, she would complain of lower back pain, particularly in the area of the right kidney. The bladder infections (cystitis) aggravated the kidneys, and at that time she began herbal treatments for both problems. Within a month after treatment her troubles with her bladder and kidneys ceased. She now takes an herbal tincture to help the kidneys function to their capacity and has had no further complications.

Pluto in Leo: Mars conjnct Pluto in the Twelfth House indicates potential problems with the adrenal glands. And hypoglycemia, one of this woman's problems, is the result of the adrenal glands being placed under tremendous and sustained stress.

The Activated Cross

The next step in examining a natal chart is deciding which cross is activated according to the person's medical history and present symptomatology, Determining the cross helps corroborate the findings on the potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies and helps establish what ailments are most likely to occur from such deficiencies. For instance, a person who has hypoglycemia (usually a Mutable Cross occurrence) will probably have a high number of hard aspects of Jupiter, which rules vitamin B-6 and chromium, both necessary nutrients for the pancreas to function properly. Or a person with a hypothyroid condition (Taurus) may have several hard aspects to the Sun, which rules iodine: an iodine deficiency can cause the thyroid to fluctuate.

In the chart reproduced in Figure 2 there is a double-cross phenomenon—that is, two crosses are activated. The main cross centers on the mutable signs of Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. The bulk of this woman's ailments comes from these signs— specifically, the long bouts with colds, viruses and flu (Pisces); lung congestion as a child and later pneumonia (Gemini); and hypoglycemia, a pancreas ailment (Virgo). The second, less strongly activated cross consists of the cardinal signs. The planets in Libra have contributed towards such ailments as nephritis, cystitis and lower backaches caused by the kidneys. The woman has exhibited no other manifestations of diseases usually associated with the Cardinal Cross.

On the other hand, the Fixed Cross seems to be least activated in this woman's chart: it appears to be giving her the fewest number of continual problems. Granted, the heart murmur, caused by rheumatic fever, falls under the domain of Leo; however, her heart problems can be explained by other factors in the chart, such as the fact that Pluto is at a critical health degree in Leo. (See the next section.) And although she has also exhibited another symptom of this particular cross—thyroid problems—the thyroid condition resulted from her taking birth control pills, and within a year after she had stopped taking the pills her thyroid returned to normal.

A double-cross such as this usually means that an intricately balanced diet will be necessary. In this case a good diet would include fewer dairy products (Cardinal Cross) to keep the kidney tubules unplugged and functioning well plus a diet lower in meat and containing more fresh fruits and vegetables (Mutable Cross). The high vitamin and mineral content of such a diet would help the immunity system improve its defense of the body against foreign invaders as well as provide natural sugar to improve the functioning of the pancreas.

Critical Degrees

In addition, a medical astrologer should examine the natal chart to see if any planets are at certain critical degrees, thereby accentuating the possibilities of disease. Throughout the ages certain degrees have been thought to possess extraordinary sensitivity, making an individual either prone to greatness or problems, depending upon which planet is involved and the aspects to it. Although much more research needs to be conducted, there also seems to be a correlation between diseases and the critical degrees listed below:

Cardinal signs—13 and 26 degrees Fixed signs—9 and 21 degrees Mutable signs—4 and 17 degrees

To ascertain if a criticial degree is involved in a health problem, a medical astrologer should check each planet as well as the Ascendant and the Midheaven for critical degrees. If a planet, the Ascendant or the Midheaven is found in a critical degree, the position, the hard aspects involved and the eventual importance or weakness of the critical degree to the entire medical picture should be noted. For example, in the chart in Figure 2 Pluto is at 9 degrees Leo in the Twelfth House with a hard aspect to Mars. This is a pretty good indication that Leo, ruling the heart and the cardiovascular system, will be implicated in health situations. As we know, this woman has suffered from a heart murmur. And since the background information matches the potential problems indicated by the placement of the critical degree, a medical astrologer can be reasonably certain that Pluto at 9 Leo may someday reactivate if preventative health measures aren't taken to minimize its probable manifestation.

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