Todd's mother took her child to an ortho-molecular physician, who ran a hair analysis, blood and heavy metals tests on him, as well as endocrine tests. In the toxic metals test lead was 13 parts per million, with the upper limit 15: Todd definitely had lead poisoning. Furthermore, he was deficient in manganese, zinc, iron and calcium. And he was high in copper, magnesium, potassium and chromium.

Todd had allergies to rye, wheat and oat cereals, cow's milk, oranges, tangerines, tomatoes, pork, almonds, peanuts, garlic, onions, potatoes, soybeans, tea, squash and string beans. He also had severe reactions to chocolate, egg whites, refined sugar, brewer's yeast, baker's yeast and malt. He was considered a nutritional allergic.

The physician felt the allergies were related to the minerals, which affect the enzymes, which in turn affect the hormones. So, the endocrine functions would restabilize with proper intake and absorption of nutrition. Todd's lymph system was all right, but because his body was in such a compromised state from the allergies the lymph system wasn't working properly. The doctor also discovered that Todd had small red blood cells (Mars) from nutritional deficiencies: there were four per cent allergy cells.

The thyroid test came out low-normal, which is to say that Todd had a mild hypothyroid condition. With his Sun in Pisces low- or high-normal would be just as good as having the ailment.

Other problems Todd had were acidosis (Libra and hard aspects to Mars), deficiency in stomach acid (Saturn in Cancer) and liver dysfunction (Jupiter and Virgo). The BUN was low, meaning a block in protein metabolism. He will have a tendency toward gout in later age if he doesn't watch his intake of acid-forming foods. And mucus was found in the urine.

The doctor prescribed the following regimin to get Todd healthy; enzymes with each meal, multivitamin tablets, one gram of vitamin C daily, chelated magnesium, apple pectin, chelated calcium, manganese, selenium, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B-6, zinc, thymotrophic concentrate (a thymus stimulant from natural sources) and adrenatrophin (an adrenal gland stimulant from natural sources).

In the months that followed Todd's mother wrote me several letters describing the child's progress.

December 30, 1977:' 'There are two reasons that I am especially glad that I had Todd's chart done at the same time of the physical. First, as a good mother it is easy to feel guilt when your child has a physical problem. Knowing that, somehow, these problems are influenced by the planets relieves me of the feeling of responsibility. Next, it helped me evaluate the prescribed treatment. This doctor prescribed two hormones. I have omitted these... All other nutrients are being taken. I have added a little of some of the allergic foods as a matter of necessity. He has to eat something!"

January 16, 1978:"You were so kind in helping, I thought you would like to have a complete set of the results of Todd's tests. Your results and recommendations ran so closely to this specialist's that I thought you would like to make your own comparisons."

April 15, 1979:''We stick very closely to Todd's diet and vitamins and mineral supplements. He is in optimum health as long as we adhere to this program. If we don't, he gets congestion, a cold or, perhaps, the croup. His body is built up and can tolerate an occasional allergic food. We get hair analysis every six months, and his doctor changes his prescription accordingly. Todd is in vibrant health."

January 29, 1980: In a phone call Todd's mother reported on Todd's continued health. Furthermore, his Jekyll-Hyde personality had halted the day she took him off sugars. He is a pleasant, happy child growing up normally.

What Astrology Missed

At the time I did Todd's chart I still thought Uranus ruled zinc. Later, after further investigation and research I realized I was wrong. But at the time, because I suspected metal poisoning, I researched and found that zinc is a good antidote when the body is undergoing poisoning. Hence I suggested a zinc supplement. In 1979 I awarded Jupiter rulership of zinc. Interestingly, Todd's chart now bears out the need for zinc.'

At the time I had not entertained the thought of a deficiency in selenium—a case of ignorance since there was very little available on that mineral in 1977. Fortunately, the doctor recommended selenium, emphasizing to me how important it is to work with a physician, since my lack of medical background might jeopordize a client. Nor had I suggested manganese. (I had suggested vitamins A and D—the vitamin A to strengthen the lungs and nasal tissue to fight off infections and the vitamin D to help assimilate the calcium properly.)

Furthermore, I had not thought about magnesium being high, although its ruler, Jupiter, is under stress by three hard aspects in Todd's natal chart. I believe the Jupiter-Pluto opposition precipitated this overdose. When Jupiter or Pluto is involved, one should usually check toxic symptoms for those vitamins or minerals that are affected by this aspect.

Nor had I detected copper being high. But Pluto is inconjunct to Venus, copper's ruler. I've found since then that the inconjunct is probably the aspect most suspect of producing conditions of either too much or too little nutrients in the body: it should never be assumed that the inconjunct always represents a deficiency.

I had not recommended any glandular supplements either. In 1977 natural gland-stimulants were just hitting the market, and I knew little about them. Furthermore, I didn't feel I should suggest anything until the test results on the glandular functions came back. In my opinion, the thymus and adrenal supplements the doctor suggested were excellent.

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