Jessica faithfully stuck to her diet after her new doctor okayed it. In April she wrote: "I started the program of vitamin therapy on the 27th of March, haven't noticed anything too distressing in terms of reactions, though, as you warned, I've been spending a lot more time in the bathroom____Aside from that, I feel all right—just a bit draggy."

Jessica's frequent trips to the bathroom were caused by the vinegar, which is a diuretic. But the vinegar was also cleaning her kidneys, rebalancing the potassium-sodium metabolism and working toward getting rid of the excess water in her body. Her "draggy" feeling was simply detoxification taking place.

Following are excerpts from further letters she sent me.

August 1978:''I've been following the diet off and on since May 21 and have gone from 170 Yi pounds to 150—the least I've ever weighed in my adult life. In general, I'm feeling much better now than I did back in March! The menstrual cramps have lessened a great deal, which is a blessing! I have noticed, though, that I now experience mild nausea on the first day. That I can cope with!"

April 1979: "I stayed on your program between May and late September of 1978. During that time, I lost 24 pounds. I'm presently trying to maintain 147 pounds. More importantly, during that time, I noticed that the vicious menstrual cramps I'd had almost all my adult life steadily lessened in severity! From feeling rotten the first three days of the cycle, I went to experiencing just mild discomfort. ... on the first day—some nausea and slight cramping that could be ignored for the most part.

"My energy level also seemed to increase____

After the detoxification blahs were over, I found that I just didn't feel as burned out and draggy by the end of the day.

"One other thing: you know, I just didn't believe that the vinegar-honey regimen would do anything for water retention. In fact, I tried to make it not work, maintaining or increasing fluid intake on the days I skipped the vinegar-honey just to prove that it was the amount of liquid taken rather than any property of the vinegar that increased the quantity voided. As you know, that scheme failed. Volume increased on days that I drank the vinegar/honey mix and dropped on days I didn't, even though fluid intake on those days was the same or greater! I used to pick up four to seven pounds during the last week or so of my menstrual cycle, all of it due to fluid retention. With the vinegar-honey, I'm able to keep that under control—no more preperiod bloat!"

When I contacted Jessica in February 1980, she reported no more discomfort with her gallbladder. Although she had not undergone another test to prove conclusively that the lecithin had melted down the gallstone, the symptoms had all been alleviated. Instead of trying to get pregnant Jessica and her husband are adopting a baby, which they were to receive in December 1980.

What Astrology Missed

When I called Jessica in early 1980 to see how she was coming along, she informed me that she had had three epileptic seizures of a grand mal variety—on July 1, October 8 and October 9, 1979.

I was slightly shocked, to say the least. I had never dealt with a case of epilepsy before. And because I had had no idea of what to look for in a chart, I had missed the diagnosis.

As I looked back over Jessica's charts in light of these new developments, I noticed several interesting features:

1. Unuk, a fixed star, is conjunct Jessica's natal Mercury.

2. At the time of the October seizures transiting Uranus was applying toward a conjunction of Mercury and Unuk.

3. Mercury is in a critical degree; several other planets—Pluto, the Sun, Uranus and Mars—are also in special degrees in Jessica's chart.

4. At the time of the seizures the progressed Moon was conjunct Neptune, a planet that represents a weakness—in this case a weakness in the brain.

Jessica has no family history of this ailment, thought to be hereditary in large part. With no research to back up my idea I believed that epilepsy (perhaps changes in the electrical brain potentials during seizures) was probably a Mercury or Uranus phenomenon. At that point one of the puzzling midpoint structures in Jessica's chart — Me/Ap-Ad — finally made sense: a multiple condition (Apollon) relating to the nerves (Mercury) remained hidden (Admetos). (I am not inferring, however, that everyone with this midpoint structure in a chart will contract epilepsy.) After transiting Uranus left her natal Mercury Jessica had no further trouble with epilepsy.

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