In October 1978 Joyce took her son to see the homeopathic doctor, who after carefully recording the symptomology diagnosed the following: Steve must have had some viral infection around the age of two that either began or did not finish its cyclic work. The infection apparently did not leave the body but remained dormant, swelling the membrane between the brain and the skull. Since that time it had caused problems because of the pressure being brought to bear on the brain against the skull.

The doctor prescribed a homeopathic remedy. Then I got a call from Joyce shortly after she had given Steve the medicine. Her son had suddenly contracted a very high fever of 102 to 103 degrees and had reverted to his state of hyperactivity. Joyce's main fear was that her previous successful efforts to improve his behavior would have to begin all over again. I felt that once the virus was killed she would not have to start over again but, rather, pick up where she had left off. And I knew it was important for the treatment to continue. Scientists are now aware that when a body is invaded with a foreign organism it will raise its temperature to kill it. Joyce believed me enough to allow the raging fever to continue.

The treatment worked. Steve's mother reports that he is no longer hyperactive because of his diet: whereas he used to be till 1 or 2 in the morning, now he regularly goes to bed at 11 p.m. Although Steve is still not talking much, he is talking more than before. His general attitude is good, and he's learning at a normal, expected level. Joyce writes: "All in all, I am very encouraged, and I will keep plugging away."

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