In July 1978, sometime around his birthday or solar return, Ray suffered his second heart attack. At that time progressed Neptune conjuncted Admetos, hinting that a hidden condition still lingered and that a weakening was taking place. In addition, transiting Uranus was at 12 Scorpio retrograde and conjunct within 30 minutes applying from his Sixth House cusp, meaning a sudden hospitalization. Transiting Saturn was also moving back across his Fourth

According to Meg, the second attack was severe. The doctors were astounded that he had survived such a seizure and lived to tell about it. They all agreed that the program of nutrients and his new diet were responsible for his survival. I had always had the utmost faith in vitamins and minerals, but Ray's condition showed me in dramatic terms what three months of supplements can do in a deadly chronic condition. It was a great insight that vitamins and minerals can effectively fight off anything—even a crippling heart attack.

Around August 5, 1978, Ray had his last, devastating heart attack and died. Meg told me that his heart literally ruptured that time. And I was convinced that it would have to be such an attack to kill him since he was getting nutrients that his body needed to shore up against the weaknesses.

The progressions at that time are an eloquent testimony to the higher forces at work. Although there was no clearly defined death axis, the most suspect was progressed Saturn conjunct the natal Midheaven. Another strong axis was progressed Transpluto at the midpoint of his natal Hades and Poseidon. This unlikely combination to me is symbolic of the rebirth of Ray's soul into another dimensional realm, a leaving of the earthly plane for another: in Uranian terms Poseidon represents the spirituality of humankind, the tie between people and the God force; Hades symbolizes the return of our physical beings to dust. In addition, progressed Saturn conjunct the Midheaven was surrounded by Zeus and Pluto, a signature that indicates forces beyond our control will be at work: whenever I see Zeus and Pluto in combination, I know I might as well back off and let the energies do what must be done. There was so much power in the progressions that for Ray not to have died this third time, 1 believe, was almost impossible.

As far as the transits were concerned, in early August of 1978 Uranus had turned direct and was about 20 minutes separating from the Sixth House cusp again, and Saturn was at 0 Virgo, sextiling Ray's natal Pluto in the First House.

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