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Glandular malfunctions are possible with a hard aspect between Neptune and Pluto. A deficiency of pantothenic acid may produce infections of the thymus or spleen, causing those glands to function poorly. And if Pluto is in Aries, the adrenal glands may be sluggish; if in Cancer, the posterior pituitary gland may be atonic, causing a multitude of ailments elsewhere in the body.

Since Pluto rules Scorpio, which governs the colon, intestinal disorders may occur with a hard aspect between Neptune and Pluto. Especially if Neptune or Pluto is in Scorpio or if Saturn in Scorpio is also in hard aspect, there may be chronic constipation caused by a deficiency of pantothenic acid (Neptune) and an abnormal quantity of that vitamin may be needed on a daily basis for bodily maintenance. Moreover, with an aspect from an inner planet in Scorpio and with Saturn involved there is the possibility of cancer of the colon, rectum, prostate or urinary area: there may be an abnormal need for laetrile (Neptune) in the diet for an individual to remain free of cancer.

A severe deficiency of orotic acid (Pluto) is another possibility when Neptune is in hard aspect with Pluto. With an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn such a deficiency could indicate an abnormal white blood cell count, since Neptune rules white blood cell production. There is also the potential for poisoning with this configuration and a lack of orotic acid. For example, with Saturn in hard aspect there could be ammonia in the red blood cells, causing orotic aciduria. And since Neptune rules Pisces and Pisces' opposite sign is Virgo, there is some speculation that there could be liver-enzyme problems caused by a lack of orotic acid but misdiagnosed because of Neptune's deceptive nature.

Finally, a hard aspect between Neptune and Pluto with an attending hard aspect from Saturn could indicate poor health or prolonged recovery from illness.


A person with Neptune conjunct the Ascendant in a natal chart may be susceptible to many infectious or viral complaints, easily catching colds and the flu and having a hard time throwing the diseases off. Allergies may also occur because not enough pantothenic acid is supplied to the adrenal glands to make sufficient antihistamines.

Misdiagnosis of problems is possible with a hard aspect between Neptune and the Ascendant. A second opinion on any serious ailment may be necessary at times, since too many mistakes are made when Neptune is involved.

Furthermore, minimal drug dosage should be considered with a hard aspect between Neptune and the Ascendant, since the individual's body will probably be so finely calibrated to everything, including food, that he or she will have an allergic reaction to normal dosages of medication. ; .

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