Vitamins'. Pantothenic acid and laetrile (vitamin B-17).

Neptune is an important planet to consider in a medical evaluation of the natal chart. The planet has a propensity to be everywhere yet nowhere: now you see it; now you don't. It is diffused, translucent and difficult to pin down or pinpoint. For these reasons it is important to see if the planet is centrally figured in the aspects of a natal chart. If it is, there may be initial misdiagnosis of the medical problem, misinformation about the diagnosis, masked symptoms not pointing directly to the root problem or misread lab or test results. A prominent Neptune may also indicate a potentially drug-sensitive individual, one who should be given a lower than average dosage of any medication.

Whereas Mars implies strength, virility, tone and energy, Neptune signifies the opposite. An undefined sense of tiredness or lethargy may be Neptune-based in many cases. In addition, Neptune can mean weakness and atony (flabby muscle tone). There is a chance of general weakness or laziness in the organ, tissue or part of the body ruled by the sign Neptune is found in. That part may be sluggish to a degree because it cannot withstand physical, emotional or mental strain as much as the rest of the body. It needs to be pampered and fed nutritionally to perform up to its expected normal functions.

The planet also rules the lymphatic system, the pineal gland, the thymus gland and the spleen. And it is involved with infections and poisons in the body. Whereas stings and bites fall under Pluto's influence, any mysterious, inexplicable, confusing element that is toxic is in Neptune's domain.

Thus it is fitting that Neptune should rule the all-pervasive pantothenic acid. This vitamin has been found to mitigate the side effects and toxicity of several antibiotics of the streptomyces variety, which fall under Neptune's dominion. Moreover, this vitamin feeds the adrenal glands and keeps us going: without it our adrenals lag, and we experience a Neptunian phase of exhaustion—not actually sickness but not a feeling of being well. Neptune's secretive personality, its propensity to be everywhere at once, adds significance to its rulership of pantothenic acid: it is sometimes difficult to identify the lack of pantothenic acid as the root cause of certain symptoms.

Neptune is also an especially appropriate choice to rule the controversial vitamin laetrile because of the enigmatic nature of the substance. Neptune is hazy, hidden, unsure, diffusing, bewildering, camouflaging, charlatanic, concealing and secretive, and all of these adjectives apply to laetrile: for the past 15 years it has been smuggled, hidden and sneaked across the Mexican-American border for use by Americans with cancer. And since Neptune is its ruler, it will probably still be years before we have a clear picture of the properties of laetrile.

Another reason that Neptune is the logical choice for ruling laetrile is that laetrile operates on cancer like one poison killing another. But because cancer is the scare of the 20th century, I want to emphasize that my ideas on laetrile and cancer are strictly conjecture, and there is not yet adequate data to back up the theories as solid proof. A checkup with a doctor on a yearly basis is always wise, and anyone who suspects cancer or comes from a family with a history of cancer should visit a doctor regularly, regardless of any other precautions. Despite all of the controversy about how cancer occurs several things have been proven: (1) cancer cells, either through enzyme-producing problems or genetic factors, multiply wildly and without restraint; (2) cancer cells need less oxygen to survive; (3)the enzyme rhodanese is usually absent in people who have cancer. Laetrile contains cyanide. When it is injected into a cancerous body, there is no rhodanese to detoxify the cyanide.

Most cancer cells secrete a substance called gtycoidase, and this substance triggers amygdalin, which releases the cyanide at the site of the cancer, causing the cancer cells to die. In simple terms, then, one poison kills another. It is a process of fighting fire with fire—a particularly Neptunian kind of treatment.

I do not mean to imply from this discussion, though, that a poorly aspected Neptune is responsible for cancer. It is my contention that there will never be one specific planet nor sign that will be responsible for it. I believe cancer is a basic genetic and/or metabolic disorder. The planet Pluto rules transforming diseases of the body. And in some ways cancer is like that powerful planet: like Pluto, it will transform a person completely, even from life to death; like Pluto, it alters the cell structures slowly yet irrevocably, until there are alien cells that cannot be destroyed by the body's normal defense mechanisms. But to say Pluto is the only cause is false, and such similarities in no way suggest that anyone who has an ill-aspected Pluto is going to contract cancer. Nor can we say that Neptune causes cancer. For that matter to say that any paticular configuration is the root of cancer is a gross misrepresentation of the disease. Cancer is caused by different dysfunctions of the body, that is, some part of the body being fragile and breaking down under a lacklusterdiet. Since cancer will attack any part of the body it can't possibly be caused by one aspect, sign or planet.

Instead, our diets are probably at fault. Cancer had no mass incidence throughout history—except for of late. Our diets have deteriorated so much during the last 100 years that our bodies' metabolisms have become fragile and unstable. When the enzymes, hormones and other substances so necessary to keep our blood healthy and in turn our bodies alive and well become ultrasensitive, then diet changes for the worse will affect the body more quickly. The human body is on the endangered species list as long as we continue our habits of eating unnutritious foods such as nitrite-laden canned foods, dyed meat products, unhealthy white sugar and too much salt—just to name a very few.

Those persons with cancer may compound the dangers of junk food diets with hereditary weaknesses in vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Cell alterations of the calibre of cancer may come about because a family's hereditary history shows a weakness in one area—a lack of vitamin C, for instance—carried on from mother to child: the child may eventually exhibit allergy symptoms because the body has a higher than normal requirement for vitamin C to stop the symptoms. With such a com-

led bination of poor eating habits and hereditary in, weaknesses it is no wonder that our bodies are literal-

er, ly disintegrating on us. We call it cancer.

;n, But our bodies probably will not deteriorate if ng they get nutritionally balanced diets. Then they will at- i remain healthy and no misshapen cells can appear.

■ To erradícate the disease we must upgrade our diets

,n, in general to whole foods. The clinics that deal with s¡. laetrile also use wholesome diets in the treatment, ill They use other vitamins and minerals as well as t>e wholesome foods to help the body rebound to health.

;ic Cancer is one disease showing the medical es establishment that drugs don't work. No man-made ys drugs will ever be able to fight cancer effectively.

¡11 They may mask or kill the disease, but in killing it to they are doing great damage to other fragile parts of ly our anatomies: we trade one killer for another, dying

)t either of cancer or from the side effects of the drugs,

>e radiation or X-rays—not a very pleasant choice. Yet a is lowly vitamin with a jaded history is showing it evidence of helping certain kinds of cancer—a vast i- step forward for people who espouse that sound

>s nutrition, not drugs, is the key to health.

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