Neptune As Midpoint Between Bracketing Planets

A person with this configuration in a chart may have fragile health. He or she must take good care of bodily health, since there is a propensity to illness from stress.


An individual with this midpoint structure in a chart may be easily influenced by the environment and may lose perspective about his or her illness. A doctor should be tactful but not vague, since vagueness will probably only increase the patient's unfounded fears.


This is one of the major health axes. A person may have poor vitality and little endurance, be prone to infections, be susceptible to drug overdose and the side effects of drugs and require a long period of recuperation. There may also be a tendency for illnesses to be misdiagnosed.


An individual with this configuration in a chart may be prone to drug overdose and sensitive to the side effects of drugs. Health will probably be fragile, and the person may lose perspective about illness, thus increasing health risks.


This midpoint structure may indicate a tendency toward a long, chronic illness, with a long recuperation period needed to regain health,

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