Mood swings, melancholia, nervousness and tension may all be indicated with this midpoint structure: the parathyroid should be checked for a possible calcium (Saturn) deficiency that c^uld be responsible for these symptoms. Progressed Admetos may bring on a manic depressive state; Hades may encourage suicidal tendencies.

This configuration might bring on female illness involving the reproductive system. For instance, there may be the inability to conceive a baby, the possibility of a hysterectomy or misdiagnosis of female complaints. In addition, a woman may be susceptible to infections of long duration, with the emotions chiefly responsible for any ailments that are contracted: a better self-image is probably necessary to improve health. As a patient, such a woman may not fight to get better but, instead, may maintain the attitude of a loser. Recuperation at home, if possible, and an interest in hobbies are advised to take her mind off her condition: she will need a sunny room and confident people about her. Progressed Hades involved may indicate severe problems with the uterus.


Endocrine disorders involving the parathyroid gland are possible with this midpoint structure. There may also be the inability to conceive children.


The death of a woman in the immediate family may be indicated with the occurrence of this midpoint structure, especially if progressed Saturn or Hades is involved.


A woman with this midpoint structure in her chart may suffer chronic problems in her reproductive organs. She may be sterile, she may be unable to carry a baby, or she may experience miscarriage or abortion.


Depression is a possibility with this configuration.


General weakness of female organs may be indicated with this combination. Emotional tension may create problems during the menstrual cycle. Nervousness or emotional tension may be the root cause of female complaints.

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